Civil Engineering Premium Mock Tests

Improve your score by attempting our premium mock test series for GATE, ESE and other Civil Engineering exams. 

Are you having this question in mind whether to take test series or just to continue studying ? 


Let me tell you the importance of taking a test series. You might have prepared well for your exam and practised lot of questions. Will it actually reflect in the real exam ?


When you give a test, the mentality is completely different. It goes much deeper than you think. There is a sub-conscious feeling that you are writing a test. When you are time bound, you tend to think differently. The chances of making silly mistakes or not giving attention to specific parts of the question are high. 

  • This is your chance to identify silly mistakes if any and rectify them

  • This is your chance to master time management in exam 

  • This is your chance to understand your strong and weak topics 

What does APSEd Premium Mock Tests 2020 include ?


  • 28 Subject Tests

  • 2 Full Length Tests

  • 600+ questions 


Who should take this test series ?


If you are a GATE aspirant, this is a must take test series. Our tests simulate GATE questions as closely as possible. This is also useful for ESE aspirants. 


APSEd is an E-learning platform for Civil Engineering by IIT-B Graduates. Get access to all in one place!

  • Video Lectures & Study Material

  • Practice Questions & Mock Tests

  • Exclusive Doubt Support

600+ learners are studying with us. Join them and learn with us for an optimized learning experience. 

APSEd Founders

Hi! I am Aditya, co-founded APSEd with Palaniappan.


Our brain can accumulate and memorize things to a certain extent. Once it is overloaded, some of the facts and formulas you remembered fade away over time.


All this becomes easier once we understand the concept and know how to apply them. This is what we strive to achieve through our courses. 

Our Courses + Your Effort = Success in exams!

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