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GATE 2022 - Right Mindset to Excel

Having the right mindset four days before taking the exam is as important as preparing for the exam for an entire year. In this blog, we talk about what is required to tackle the GATE 2022 exam with confidence and concentration.

What is Negativity Bias

We experience both positive and negative feelings, but we tend to give more importance to negative feelings. This is called negativity bias. Why we are talking about this?

GATE 2022 is nearing and all these days you would have spent learning whatever subjects and concepts you could cover. But, if negativity bias kicks in and you tend to focus on what you didn't cover, it results in unwanted fear and panic. Therefore, read further to know what is important during the exam and how to achieve the same.

What is Required During the Exam?

To tackle the exam you just need two things, i.e.,

  • Confidence

  • Concentration

Both of these is affected due to the negativity bias. Therefore, stop focussing on what you don't know or what is difficult for you. Instead, shift your focus towards improving concentration and confidence by following the given guidelines.

Do's and Dont's to Have a Proper Mindset


  • Repeated revision of subjects that you would have already covered. Revision - the need of the hour, it cannot be stressed more than this.


  • Avoid any mock tests hereafter

  • Avoid covering new concepts or subjects

By following the guidelines, one could easily build the confidence and concentration required to excel in the GATE exam. Follow the same and all the very best for all your future endeavours. Rock the exam!

GATE Post Discussions

Once the exam gets over you can reach us in case of any doubt or confusion. All the post gate discussions will happen here. Do enrol and stay updated on all post discussions and clarifications.

What else? 🎁

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All The Best for GATE 2022 from our entire APSEd Team 👍✌


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