Mind keeps wandering! How to focus on studies and avoid distractions | APSEd

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

There are a few small changes (like MIND MAPS!) you can bring in to your studying, so that you can focus better.

It is quite possible that, even though you want to focus, your mind keeps wandering. Once we took a poll, and found that most of the students are facing the problem of concentrating and feeling distracted.

There are a few small changes you can bring in to your studying, so that you can focus better. You do not have to drastically change your studying techniques.

  • Find a study spot where you are least distracted. You should get at least 30 minutes without someone calling you or you checking your phone.

  • There are peak times for studying. It could be morning or very late in the night. Read the tough topics during your peak time.

  • Study in small chunks of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, reward yourself with a small break. Then another 30 minutes!

Make a flexible study plan. Some topics take more time than what you would have estimated.

Lastly, in spite of doing all this, sometimes mind keeps wandering.

Spice things up a bit. You can start drawing out some mind maps on a topic you are studying. I have drawn out a map for the topic accident studies. From accident studies, you will branch out to minor topics as shown; Then some details of the minor topics. This will help you in avoiding boredom while studying!

MIND MAP for better focus

This will also help you boost your memory and help you a lot during revision! What are the obstacles you face and how do you plan on overcoming them ? Let us know in the comments section