How to prepare for General Aptitude for GATE?

Step by Step! Assess, evaluate and prepare!

1. Assess yourself! If you give GATE right now, how many marks will you get in aptitude ?

Take a previous year question paper (the one which you have not solved/seen, preferably from the last 5 years). Give 3-4 papers for the 15 marks, use timer of 20-25 minutes You can even take the aptitude section of other branches!

2. Evaluate your papers

Getting above 12 marks ? How to get that extra 3 marks as well.

Find out where you lost these 3 marks. And when you answered, you were doubtful about the numerical part or verbal part ? Answer these questions, and strengthen those sections alone.

Getting less than 12 marks ?

It is worth spending more time to strengthen your aptitude. 30 minutes - 1 hour per day will work wonders! Not more than that. Everyday fix a time for aptitude alone.

3. How to strengthen ? Should I practice practice practice ?

Practicing sure helps you to improve. But, before that, you have to learn. Find a resource/ book. Just one or two resources. Don’t waste time solving random questions from random places :)

Here are a few things, we recommend our students as well. For quantitative aptitude, there are lot of standard books. RS Agarwal, Wiley to name a few. Don’t solve the questions immediately from the books. Read them, understand each topic for at least 30 minutes without solving, see the different ways a problem can be solved. Then, solve problems from that topic alone. (It is better to mix two/three topics when studying) Verbal Ability generally is a collection of what you have studied over the years. But, there is scope for improvement. Read the book “Wren and Martin”. Obviously one cannot complete the whole book in a single go. Read through some of the chapters and solve the practice exercise. Wiley’s Verbal ability and reasoning is a bit more specific, if you do not want to waste time over Wren and Martin. P.S. For specific clarifications, you can always contact us. And, we do provide courses for Aptitude & Engg. maths as well :

After preparation, once again evaluate yourself once again, say 4 months before the exam. Then, you can fine tune your preparation.

Start planning today! The only bad plan is the one that did not happen.