Is M.Tech in Transportation Engineering good ? - Scope & Opportunities by APSEd

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Learn all about M.Tech in Transportation Engineering : Scope, Job and Research opportunities and much more.

  • What will I be studying about in Transportation Engineering ?

  • How are the job opportunities ?

  • What will be my job like ?

  • How are the research opportunities ?

What will I be studying about in Transportation Engineering ?

You will be studying things like

  • Along which route should we build metro ? Planning of public transportation

  • Traffic Engineering: Intersection design, is signal required here? Are two lanes sufficient ?

  • Alignment of highways, safety. How to reduce accidents ?

  • All about pavements. Material testing and design of pavements. Obviously, the materials and design of a runway will be different from that of national highway.

It involves a lot of maths and statistics, almost away from Civil Engineering. If you are looking to immerse into maths and statistics (not hard), this is a good deviation to consider from actual construction part in Civil Engineering

How are the job opportunities ?

There is good job opportunity in India, can consider next to Structural Engineering. It is a growing field, especially with all the smart cities coming up. You can either getting into traffic/transportation planning field or highway field which deals with alignment of roads etc. Plus fact is that most companies specify requirement of M.Tech in Transportation Engineering.

There are lot of foreign MNCs in India like Arcadis, Atkins, WSP and a lot many Indian companies as well. Once you get into the job, plenty opportunities for growth

What will be my job like ?

Usually, it will be consultancy related work. You will be designing an intersection, what will be expected traffic flow in 2030 and can the intersection handle it & so on. In highways, you will dealing with the alignment etc. Time to time it may involve survey work in roads as well

How are the research opportunities ?

Research opportunities, if you look at it from the perspective of getting into a teaching job in India, it is good. Research jobs are less/ almost nil in India. In western countries, it opens up to a lot of possibilities, getting in with full funding is quite difficult though

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