Preparation Map for top 100 rank in GATE Civil Engineering | APSEd Tips and Strategies

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

6 Golden Tips & Strategies one needs to follow to get top rank in GATE Civil Engineering

1. Plan your time, make a study plan and stick to it!

First of all, estimate the time remaining till exam date. Leave about 15% of the time left for revision (About a month). Now, two important things

Weightage of each subject (From last 3-4 year papers)

Your existing knowledge on subject, may be classify them as strong, medium and weak!

Say, you are weak in Steel Structures as well as Geotech and both will take about 20 days each. You should concentrate more days on Geotech and leave about 8 days for Steel! NEVER IGNORE ANY TOPIC. At least go through the basics. 2 marks is the difference between 500 and 250 ranker!

Have a reserve of 20 days while planning! Some days, you may have other commitments and Geotech may take 22 days instead of 20. These small things also you should keep in mind and plan extensively.

2. How much time should I spend solving questions ?

70-30 rule! For each subjects, leave about 2-4 days just for solving previous year GATE questions. Make it a point to practise in front of PC with virtual calculator used in GATE so that you get used to it and make yourself comfortable in using it (Click here for online virtual calculator)

3. Should I make my own notes ?

Take notes for every subjects on your own even if you are referring to existing notes. The important thing is that when you make your own notes, it enters your subconscious mind and also helps you in revision later. Revise these notes of one subject every day 30 mins - 1 hour when you are preparing for next subject. Example : Revise Transportation important topics and formulas when you are studying for Geotech.

4. Which subject order to follow ?

The answer is any as long as you have planned for all the subjects. We would suggest you to start with the topic that you like the most as it motivates you! Cover topics with highest weightage sooner and try to study the subjects which you dislike in between your most liked subjects. Do not accumulate them

5. How many hours a day ?

12 - 16 hours! NOOOO. That’s a myth.

When you study, study with full concentration. Else there is no point. Even 5-7 hours a day will do depending on your capability. But those 5-7 hours should be with full concentration. You can plan out effective focus study of 1-2 hours without break. Make sure there are not much outside disturbances and have all the material readily available at your desk. (How to focus underlined hyperlink)

6. When to start revision ?

From Day 1!

Our mind forgets certain things, unless you repeatedly try to recollect. Sometimes, we find it difficult to remember birthdays of our friends. But once, you try to keep recollecting every week, you will never forget them for your life. The same strategy works here!

Revise 1-2 days every week. (10-15 pages notebook of summaries and formulas specially for revision)

You have any other questions ? Post in the comments section.