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Factors affecting Geometric Design of Road

To design a road, it involves the terrain and other features to be considered. Some of the important features are width of the road, friction, camber, Sight distance, Horizontal Alignments and Vertical alignments

The important features in geometric design road are

These geometric features of the road play an important role in traffic flow characteristics

Factors affecting Geometric Design of Road

Factors affecting the geometric design

Design speed

For every road, we specify a speed limit above which the road will be designed with the design speed. For example National Highways have a design speed of around 80 kmph.


Based on the terrain and percentage of slope, the geometric features too change.

Factors affecting Geometric Design of Road

Other factors

  • Traffic keeps changing from morning to evening

  • Vehicle type

  • Environmental: If it is designed for a rain prone area then we have to provide a higher camber.

  • Cost of excavation

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