Essentials of Civil Engineering

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What are the consistency limits in soil?

The gradual increase of water content in soil, makes the soil change its form from solid to semi solid to plastic to liquid. The water contents at which the phase change of soil occurs, are called the consistency limits.

What is break point chlorination?

Breakpoint chlorination is the point where the demand for chlorine has been fully satisfied in terms of chlorine addition to the water. In other words, the chlorine has completely reacted with the bather pollutants leaving a zero chlorine residual.

What do you mean by turbidity of water?

Turbidity is one of the important physical characteristics of water. It is the measure of relative clarity of water samples. The higher the intensity of scattered light, the higher the turbidity.

What are the connections used in steel structures?

The various steel members like beam, columns are interconnected using Rivets, Bolts and Welding. This is known as connection. Connections are of various types.

What is the force method of analysis?

The force method (also called the flexibility method or method of consistent deformation ) is used to calculate reactions and internal forces in statically indeterminate structures due to loads and imposed deformations.