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"The way of explaining a concept of a topic in APSEd is a bit different from the other videos we see on other platforms etc. In a much better way. The discussion tab is absolutely fantastic.

I don't think any other online platform offers any such prompt help to the students."


APSEd courses helped me prepare subjects like engineering mathematics & some important topics from different subjects in a very short time. Their short videos helped me in savi


APSEd clarified my basic concepts through it's video lectures, I got to know how to visualise, and then crack the problems. Helped me a lot in building my basic concepts.

It made me confident


I used to do the daily questions posted by APSEd. These questions were logical and never seen before. parallely made me revise the subject & the lecture videos are quite inbound helped me clear my concept


APSEd videos helped me a lot. The videos saves a lot of time I understand concept completely.

During the lecture what can be asked and why is told which makes it better. Derivations video makes remembering formulae very easy. Thanks for this.