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Civil Engineering GATE cutoff for M.Tech in Water Resources | IITs and NITs

Check out college wise cutoff (IITs/NITs) for GATE Civil Engineering (CE) M.Tech in Water Resources Engineering; Compiled from official displayed cutoffs for the previous year

Water is an essential part of our life. How are we managing it? What are we doing about the climate? These are the expected cutoffs based on previous year. Check out what is the score required for your favourite college to study Water Resources.  


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Civil Engineering GATE cutoff for M.Tech in Water Resources | IITs and NITs
  • IISc cutoffs are for MTech Civil Engineering (Major in Geotechnical, Structural or Water Resources and Environmental Engineering) and Transportation Engineering

  • Some IIT cutoffs are low because the candidate would have performed exceptionally well in interview even though he/she has a lower GATE score.

Important points to keep in mind

  • Cutoffs vary every year. This gives you a fair idea on what to expect

  • Few IITs have written test/ interviews. So one can get in with low score as well by doing well in these tests and interviews

  • NIT Cutoffs are based on third round. There will be spot round after that, where even with low rank you might have a chance to get in when someone withdraws.

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