Overtaking Sight Distance | Overview and Calculation

Overtaking Sight Distance (OSD) is the sight distance required for the faster vehicle to overtake the slower vehicle safely.

It depends upon

  • Speed of overtaking vehicle, overtaken vehicle, opposing vehicle (undivided road)

  • Distance between these vehicles

Overtaking Sight Distance Calculation

  • d₁ - Distance covered when we decide to overtake the slow moving vehicle

  • d₂ - Distance covered during overtaking operation

  • d₃ - Distance travelled by opposing vehicle (only in undivided road)


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Overtaking Zone

When we are not able to provide OSD, we provide some zone (extra lane for certain distance) for vehicles to overtake slow moving vehicles.​​

  • Minimum length of Overtaking Zone = 3 times OSD

  • If overtaking zone cannot be provided, Intermediate sight distance - ISD (2 times SSD) is provided

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