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Prepare for GATE Civil from July | GATE 2022 Preparation Strategy

If you are planning to appear for GATE 2022, this article is for you. At the very beginning, I want to give you a reality check. Starting from today, you have 7 months left for GATE 2022 (from July to February).

But, to be on the safer side we need to be done with all mock tests and complete revision by January 2022. So, we have six effective months in our hands now.

Syllabus for GATE and Time Allotment

You better know this, I will just recap the things. We have 13 subjects in GATE CE. Seeing these individually:

  • Strength of Materials/Mechanics has 9 topics. If you have a bit idea of the subject, you need at least 20 days to cover this subject.

  • Structural Analysis: 9 topics - 15 days to cover

  • Reinforcement cement concrete: 8 topics - 9 days

  • Design of steel structure: 7 topics - 14 days

  • Soil mechanics: 14 topics - 20 days

  • Transportation engineering: 4 major topics - 12 days

  • Surveying and remote sensing: 8 topics - 10 days

  • Environmental engineering: 10 topics - 14 days

  • Fluid Mechanics: 13 topics - 21 days

  • Hydrology and irrigation engineering: 10 topics - 11 days

  • Construction management: 2 topics - 5 days

  • Engineering Maths: 7 topics - 25 days

  • Aptitude: 24 topics - 5 days

In total for the first time reading, you need at least 181 days (to cover 125 major topics in whole). This gives a clear picture, that you have to be very serious from the month of July, as we already have very optimum time left.

If you are starting your preparation a day delayed, then some part of the syllabus is going out of your reach, you will have no time to cover the same. This crucial time is now for you. With this, I just wanted to make a point you have very limited time available, so accordingly make your plan. Whatever topics and time breakup I made, may not be suitable for you. You might have covered some subjects well in advance, or may want some more time for a particular subject, hence make your own schedule.

Still, we can not plan everything with certainty, there might be days when you are sick, have some other responsibilities to perform, but use these months to the fullest. The idea is, make the best plan for you, review your progress at the end of each month then again change the plan if needed.

Bored of reading this? Watch the video instead!

All the very best for GATE 2022!



Jul 31, 2021

Sub? As in?


Chilakanti Aditya
Chilakanti Aditya
Jul 17, 2021

Sir please provide sub of each subject so..that we can easily follow it.. please consider my request

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