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Opportunities for GATE Environmental Science (ES)

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

It has been two years since the GATE ES paper was first launched. Over the years, the opportunities after clearing the GATE ES paper have increased significantly. If you are an environmental enthusiast and want to pursue it as a career, this could open doors for you.

Opportunities After GATE ES
Opportunities After GATE ES

We will see the following sections

  • Syllabus and previous year's paper

  • GATE ES as secondary paper

  • Opportunities after GATE ES - MTechs & PSUs

GATE ES Syllabus and Sample Paper

The syllabus for GATE ES is purely based on environmental science-related topics ranging from environmental chemistry to environmental management and sustainable development. Also, staying updated on information related to environmental policies and sustainability is important in order to ace the exam. Given below is a glimpse of the syllabus.

There are questions that a civil engineering student can quickly answer with the knowledge of environmental engineering, fluid mechanics, and hydrology. This is definitely a plus for civil engineering students and with a bit more concentration on subjects like environmental chemistry, microbiology, etc. one can easily clear the exam.

The Difference made by GATE ES

Earlier, if you had to pursue environmental-related studies - the option was to write papers like Civil Engineering / Chemical Engineering / Biosciences / Chemistry. In these, you had to study subjects that are irrelevant to environmental sciences. Imagine, you want to be in the environmental field, but you have to study subjects like structures to get into it. This makes it difficult for an environmental enthusiast to get a good score in these other papers.

But now, you have a paper purely based on environmental science-related subjects. If you really like it, you will have a fair chance at GATE now.

Why attempt GATE Environmental Science paper?

Who can give GATE ES as a Secondary Paper?

With the introduction of two features i.e., can attempt the GATE exam from the third year, and can attempt two papers in the same year, the GATE exam has become more accessible for the aspirants. Therefore, one can attempt GATE ES as a secondary paper. Listed below are the primary papers for which GATE ES could be attended as a secondary paper.

  • Students who are writing Civil Engineering as a primary paper can attempt Environmental Science as a second paper.

  • Students who are writing Agricultural Engineering as a primary paper can attempt Environmental Science as a second paper.

Opportunities After GATE ES

MTech Offers with GATE ES

Environmental science is a research-oriented field. Therefore, one can either go in to research field or could take a job, both of which are easily offered after the completion of the course. Further, environmental science is a growing field, and with issues related to sustainability & climate change, the scope of environmental science will rise. Given below is a list of institutes offering PG in various programs through the GATE ES paper.

PSU Offers with GATE ES

PSU job offers based on the GATE ES paper are coming up in recent years. Even in the recently released DRDO recruitment notice, Environmental engineering has been included as a job role.

DRDO, DST Recruitment for Environmental Engineering
DRDO, DST Recruitment for Environmental Engineering

Also, ONGC offered AEE roles based on Environmental engineering. A Snap of the same is shared below.

ONGC Recruitment for Environmental Engineering
ONGC Recruitment for Environmental Engineering

Want to stay updated on such PSU job offers and the latest technical information on civil engineering, environmental engineering, and geomatics engineering topics? Fill out the form below and get subscribed to our APSEd blog.

GATE ES Courses at APSEd

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Disclaimer: All the information shared above is not extensive and is sourced from the official websites of respective organizations. Do note that all have not divulged all the information. Kindly refer to the official websites for the latest information.



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