Our Mission.

"We started APSEd with a purpose in mind - to make everyone retain the knowledge in long term memory and actually learn a topic. This makes one confident and score high in exams" - Palaniappan

"APSEd over the years has boosted the scores of students by a huge margin and we are proud of them.


We put a lot of time and effort into every lecture and material. Our content is continuously updated to reflect the new trends in GATE, and to simplify your preparation. We can proudly say that we are providing the highest quality of knowledge and coaching for the lowest cost in the market." - Aditya

We Build Achievers

With APSEd and consistent preparation from your side, nobody or nothing can stop you. 


As a civil engineer, before we start building a structure we study the loads on it and the different forces and stresses acting on it. APSEd helps you do the same with yourself during the preparation. APSEd is here with you to guide you on your learning journey - from creating a study plan to understanding every concept clearly to preparation guidance. 

Aditya and Palaniappan, both of them IIT-B graduates founded APSEd and we published the first video lecture in 2017. In 3 years, we have grown into one of the best and exclusive E-learning for Civil Engineering: GATE, ESE and other exams, enriching more than 1 lakh+ careers through various platforms.

Can I get a good rank with APSEd?

Hear from our GATE Ranker!

To get a top rank in GATE, ESE and other exams, you need these


  • Strong conceptual knowledge

  • Approach to solving questions

  • Questions Practice & Revision 

  • Time Management 


APSEd helps you attain all the above!


Our precise and to the point courses prepare you by building the base strong with conceptual explanations and approach to solving questions. This will convert to higher marks in GATE, ESE and other exams. 


Our questions are similar to GATE level, and it helps you tackle any question that comes in GATE, even a new type question.   

What do our Students say?

Students thank us for our courses and honest advice and guidance. You can have a look here at some of the reviews given by our students. 


You can google APSEd reviews and find out what students say in Quora, Facebook and Google Playstore.

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