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Conflict Points at intersection | How to calculate the number?

Conflict points at intersection

Conflict points are the points where two vehicles can potentially clash with each other. We can determine the number of conflict points based upon the type of intersection. 

Traffic Manoeuvres

Let us understand what are the different type of traffic manoeuvres which will help us in finding potential conflict points in an intersection. 


Type of conflicts could arise due to


  • Diverging

  • Merging

  • Crossing

  • Weaving

Crossing conflict is a major conflict and dangerous, rest are minor conflicts. Weaving is a combination of merging and diverging, happens usually in rotary. 

How to draw and find out the number of conflict points? 

Draw the intersection; Then draw the movement from one side of the road, and then the next and so on. In this process, mark the diverging, merging, crossing and weaving conflict points

  • For 3-armed intersection, there are 9 vehicle conflicts as shown in the figure above.

  • For 4-armed intersection we will have 24 vehicle conflicts, and 8 number of pedestrian conflicts.

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