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5 Options after GATE Civil Engineering | APSEd

GATE Civil Engineering Opportunities & Scope

What is the scope after GATE Civil? Explore the different opportunities you have.

1. M.Tech Opportunities in IISc, IITs, NITs and few private colleges

A good rank fetches you higher study opportunities in IISc, IITs, NITs, and some private colleges. Something to keep in mind is that some colleges have tests, interviews and have weightage for an interview, tests as well up to 50%. We know people who did not get M.Tech Structures in IIT Bombay even after getting 87th rank in GATE and there are also people who did their interview well and got on to purse M.Tech with ranks above 1000 as well and eventually ended up in good civil engineering jobs


Rule of Thumb is a good rank has higher chances! But you should do your interview well, and don't hesitate to apply even if your rank is lower.

2. Public Sector Unit (PSU) Entry Level Positions

If you want to get into Government managed Public Sector Units (PSU), GATE is the way to go about it. For Civil Engineering, you will have opportunities from PSU's like HPCL, NLC, IOCL, RITES and a few more! The notifications come out once you get your GATE Admit Card. Just apply for them, instead of thinking if you will get a good rank to get these jobs. 


Good Rank has higher chances. Most places the most important thing is your GATE Score/Rank. For most of them, a GEN category may have to be in top 200 rank to get these lucarative jobs.


APSEd is an E-learning platform for Civil Engineering by IIT-B Graduates. Get access to all in one place!

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Learn with us for an optimized learning experience. 

Aditya - Founder of APSEd Civil Engineering

APSEd Founders

Hi! I am Aditya, co-founded APSEd with Palaniappan.


Our brain can accumulate and memorize things to a certain extent. Once it is overloaded, some of the facts and formulas you remembered fade away over time.


All this becomes easier once we understand the concept and know how to apply them. This is what we strive to achieve through our courses. 

Our Courses + Your Effort = Success in exams!

3. Scientist Positions

BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), DRDO (Defense Reseach and Development Organisation) and a few more recruit for entry level Scientist Positions through GATE Score. Mostly, the GATE Score serves as qualification criteria and once you qualify there will tests and interviews with hard scrutiny! 

4. Higher Studies Outside India

You can get into the Masters Programme at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University(NTU), Singapore. They are top-ranked universities providing you with great exposure. Also, a few more universities outside India are starting to adopt GATE as qualification criteria. 

5. Similar Exams

Study little more and attempt Engineering Services Exam (ESE) if you want to get into Group A Govt. of India services like Indian Railways, CPWD, Border Roads Organisation, etc. And there are a lot more exams similar to GATE, especially every State conducts exams similar to GATE Syllabus to recruit into State Govt. Positions. Apart from that, some PSUs keep separate Exams to recruit instead of GATE. But the syllabus is more or less similar to GATE. 


Passive things are it adds up to your profile! A good GATE rank makes a good addition to your Resume even in private companies. And slowly, GATE is adding up as qualification criteria for various positions. Keep your eyes wide open and keep looking for it.

What is your plan after giving GATE? Let us know in the comments section!

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