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Modulus of Resilience | How is it calculated ?

Modulus of resilience

Resilience is the property due to which a material can store energy without having permanent deformation; Modulus of Resilience quantifies this resilience 

What is resilience? 

Let us understand what is resilience in common usage; When we say someone is resilient, it means that they will withstand and come back to their original self from difficult conditions. The same applies to materials also. 

Resilience is the property due to which a material can store energy without having permanent deformation;

  • The energy is released as soon as the load is removed due to which there is no permanent deformation in the body.

  • This property is desired in a material for spring action.


It is the property due to which the material regains its original shape after the load is removed is known as the elasticity and the material is known as the elastic material. The material regains its original shape, if the stress is within the elastic limit of the material.

If the stress due to applied load is beyond the elastic limit and then if the load is removed, there will be a permanent deformation in the material.


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Modulus of Resilience

Modulus of Resilience quantifies this resilience. It is defined as the area under the stress-strain curve upto elastic limit. In other words it is the strain energy per unit volume for a material upto its elastic limit. (We are interested only till elastic limit because that is the energy which can be recovered) 

Modulus of resilience Formula
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