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Is COVID-19 stopping your GATE preparation?

These are uncertain times with no certainty on the impacts of the pandemic. All we have in our hands is we can prepare for it. We do not know what is going to happen, the least we can do is prepare for it.

Is COVID-19 stopping your GATE preparation?

A lot of students have started preparation, but it is not too late. With a good 6 months to go, there is sufficient time. All you have to do it try to set up a calm space around you and get started.

Sometimes the secret of getting ahead is to get started - Golden words by Mark Twain

The quote is good to hear, but sometimes what we do is set a date to get things started similar to how we try to make resolutions starting of the year. Whether you have taken APSEd online courses, or preparing on your own, or joined another coaching - get started Instead of setting a date to start preparing, get started right away.

Every day is a fresh start

  • Start with something very small, as simple as analysing past year papers, which subjects are more important and so on.

  • Next choose the resources to study from - whether it is from books, online courses or coachings.

  • You can start as less as 2 hours per day, slowly you can jump into full swing preparation.

We have put together a guide on how to prepare for GATE. This will help you jump and transition to full-time preparation.

All the best!



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