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GATE 2023 Test Series for Geomatics Engineering | GATE GE 2023

Test series form an important part of the preparation for the GATE exam. A test series typically contains both subject tests and full-length mock tests. This blog will explain the importance of test series in general and test series at APSEd in specific.

GATE Geomatics Engineering Test Series
GATE Geomatics Engineering Test Series

What is a Test Series?

Practicing questions from test series forms an essential part of the preparation for any competitive exam. Test series help in evaluating one's performance in a particular subject. It could then be used to shift the focus of one's study plan and prepare accordingly.

Also, the full-length test series that contains questions in the pattern of the actual exam helps one to have a feel of the real exam. Therefore, it is clear that test series are inevitable when it comes to preparing for any competitive exam.

When to Start Practicing Test Series?

| Now

Now is the correct answer to this question. But many have a different opinion. Some aspirants start the test series only before a month of the exam or so. Practicing questions alongside preparation is important. It gives an idea about what questions are expected out of a subject and at what difficulty are they asked. Both of these aspects are required to fine-tune one's preparation strategy. Therefore, start practicing questions in general and practice test series in particular.

One can refer to Where to Practise Questions for GATE 2023 to find sources available for practicing questions.

APSEd's Test Series

APSEd's test series is one of the most sought-after test series for the GATE exam preparation. APSEd's test series are specially curated by experts in each subject. It is then reviewed and corrected to make the test series error-free. All of these make the APSEd's test series one of the finest test series out there.

We at APSEd have launched test series for GATE CE, ES, and GE. This blog will explain the details of the GATE GE Test Series in detail.

GATE ES Test Series

What does it contain?

APSEd's GATE GE test series contains 12 tests in total. Out of the 12 tests, 10 tests are subject tests and the rest 5 are full-length mock tests. The 10 subject tests include the following.

  1. Engineering math

  2. Aptitude

  3. Remote sensing

  4. GIS

  5. GNSS

  6. Maps

  7. Surveying

  8. Photogrammetry and two mix tests

All the questions are similar to the GATE level of questions. And each question has been provided with a clear explanation. Apart from this, APSEd's test series gives access to get in touch with the faculty for doubt clarifications.

APSEd's test series are not time-bound. Once purchased all the test series are available till the GATE exam schedule. One can attempt it several times as required. Also, all the test series are easily accessible via online browsers, making it one of the easily accessible test series for the GATE exam.

| Quality Above Quantity

Quality above quantity has been the key principle of APSEd's test series. We are aimed at providing mistake-free test series with completely new GATE level questions each year. Though there are platforms that could offer more tests, it is the quality that matters more at APSEd. Therefore, one can trust APSEd's test series for quality.

| Trust is Earned when Actions Meet Words

We at APSEd understand the meaning of the above-said quote. Therefore, we are sharing information from the GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering Paper Analysis.

GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering Paper Analysis
GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering Paper Analysis

GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering Paper Analysis
GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering Paper Analysis

From the image, it is clear that APSEd's full-length test series almost follows the GATE exam pattern. Therefore, it is clear that APSEd's test series best captures the actual GATE exam pattern.

What to Expect After the Test Series?

APSEd provides you with a detailed test report after the end of each test. It contains 3 sections as explained below.

  1. The 1st section contains the overall accuracy score. It also contains the number of correct and wrong answers.

  2. The 2nd section contains the time analysis. It gives details on how much time is spent on correct answers and wrong answers.

  3. The 3rd section contains the leaderboard. It shows how well you have performed compared to other aspirants.

All these could be helpful in fine-tuning your preparation to excel in the GATE exam. Therefore, make use of the test series as much as possible.

Offers at APSEd

As an introductory offer for test series, all the test series are available at a 60% offer. This offer makes the APSEd's test series even more "value for money product". Therefore, don't miss out on this opportunity. For more details visit APSEd's Test Series Page.

For more insights check out the video below. (Will be updated)

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