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GATE 2021: Third-year students can appear for GATE now

Director, IIT Bombay has posted updates on GATE 2021. As everyone might be aware of, GATE 2021 is to be organised by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. As per the update, a few initiatives are introduced this year from new subjects introduced to third-year college students are now eligible to appear for the exam.

GATE 2021 Exam Dates

The exam will be held on 5th, 6th, 7th and 12th, 13th, 14th February 2021. Additional to the papers which are generally conducted on Saturday and Sunday, now Friday is also included.

Two new subject papers: ES and XH

Two new subject papers are introduced for GATE 2021

  • Environmental Science and Engineering (ES)

  • Humanities and Social Science (XS)

More information on these subject papers are awaited and will be updated in GATE 2021 Official Website

GATE 2021 Update: Third-year students can appear for GATE now

Candidates can now appear for up to two subject papers from a prescribed set of combinations. This will increase the opportunities in inter-disciplinary subjects.

Third years can appear for GATE 2021

Now, even third-year college students can appear for GATE. This gives someone a chance to appear twice for GATE when in their college itself and gives them the opportunity to increase their performance. This was the case before 2011 when third-year students could also appear for GATE. It is re-introduced from 2021.

More details will be soon put up in GATE 2021 Official Website

All the best to everyone appearing for GATE



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