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GATE 2022 Environmental Science Paper Analysis | Key Highlights and Questions

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

APSEd brings you a special analysis of GATE 2022 Environmental Science and Engineering [GATE ES] conducted on 6th Feb. This GATE ES paper was introduced last year and conducted by IIT Kharagpur. A total of 10,000 aspirants were expected to appear in the paper.

GATE 2022 ES Paper Analysis
GATE 2022 ES Paper Analysis

If you are an environmental enthusiast and want to pursue it as a career, this paper could open doors for you.

Students had a common opinion on the level of the paper, that it was slightly tough compared to last year, and more MSQs this time;

Overall Analysis of GATE 2022 Environmental Science

GATE 2022 ES paper being introduced for the second time, the only source of information we had to access beforehand were the ES syllabus and sample paper and previous year analysis.

  • The paper had more theoretical questions. A clear understanding of topics was required to attempt the questions. There were a few tricky questions as well.

  • There were more MSQs this time as well, which made the paper tougher. But still, we stressed more on MSQs in our ES tests with about 8 questions in our full-length tests. It turned out to be useful, as the GATE paper had about 13-15 MSQs

  • Aptitude and Mathematics turned out to be easy and direct questions were asked from these subjects.

  • As expected, there were about NATs with 17-19 questions asked, which is in line with the previous year GATE paper and APSEd full-length tests.

Check the below graph for the distribution of questions across MCQs, MSQs, and NATs.

GATE ES 2022 Question Distribution
GATE ES 2022 Questions Distribution

Generally from what we observed in our full-length tests, many students get the MSQs wrong as it is quite tricky. With more MSQs this time, we can expect the cutoff to be a bit lower this time around.

Overall, the paper was moderately tough.

Subject-wise Weightage GATE 2022 Environmental Science

GATE 2022 Environmental Science paper covered all the subjects in the ES syllabus in a balanced manner. An almost equal number of questions were asked from all the subjects. Refer to the below graph to understand how questions were divided across subjects and to see a comparison between GATE 2022 Tentative Pattern, GATE 2021 and APSEd's full-length mock tests.

GATE ES 2022 Subject-wise Questions Distribution
GATE ES 2022 Subject-wise Questions Distribution

From the graph, it is clear that GATE 2022 ES pattern is almost similar to GATE 2021 ES & APSEd's full-length tests.

GATE 2022 Environmental Science Questions

Some of the questions that were asked in GATE 2022 Environmental Science are

  • Noise level addition, given the dB levels

  • Order of hydraulic conductivity in aquifers aquitard, aquiclude and aquifuge

  • NGT, EIA notifications

  • Treatment that is required for leachate

  • Relation between generation time and growth rate constant

  • Hydrograph related question

  • Centrifugal pump working diagram

  • DNA, RNA percentage related question

  • Mechanism that occurs in alum coagulation

  • Technique to remove PM2.5

  • Specific growth rate formula

  • Questions on environmental acts and regulations

  • Laplace transform of sin(at), Matrix related question

  • Gibbs free energy equilibrium forward reaction

We will update more with the answer key, once the response sheet is out by GATE IIT Kharagpur. Stay tuned.

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