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Where to Practise Questions for GATE 2023 | Practice Question Sources for the GATE Exam

GATE 2023 is a national-level test conducted once a year for admissions to MTech in IITs, NITs, and other participating colleges, and for recruitment in PSUs. In this blog, we will share details on where to find practice questions for GATE 2023.

Practice Question Sources for GATE 2023
Practice Question Sources for GATE 2023

GATE 2023 In General

GATE exam is conducted by IITs. Each year different IITs take up the role of conducting the exam. Conducting the exam comprises everything from the initial announcement to the release of the GATE scorecard. GATE 2023 is being conducted by IIT Kanpur. For more details check out GATE 2023 IIT Kanpur: Exam Dates, Pattern, Eligibility, Exam Papers & Paper Combinations blog.

IIT Kanpur has announced important dates for the GATE 2023 exam. The exam dates are announced as 4th, 5th, 11th, & 12th February. For more details check out GATE 2023 Official Notification | Important Dates for GATE 2023 blog.

Self Preparation for GATE 2023

Self-study requires self-motivation and an appropriate strategy to prepare for the exam. Self-motivation is an internal factor and it solely depends on the individual. Preparation strategy on the other hand can be generalized for all. There are three key factors to be considered for self-study which are listed as follows.

  1. Resources

  2. Time

  3. Plan

We had explained a lot about this in the GATE 2023 Self Study | A Complete Strategy for Self Preparation blog, do check that out. We also published blogs on preparation strategies all of which are listed below.

What we didn't cover in detail in all these blogs are the places where one can find practice questions for the GATE exam. Therefore, we will cover this in detail now.

Previous Year Question Papers

Previous year question papers are important for preparation. It is required not only for GATE exam preparation but for preparation for any other competitive exam as well. Also, previous years' question papers are the best sources to find problems for practice. For instance, practicing questions from the previous 10-year question paper means practicing 650 questions, which is more than enough to get a good GATE score.

Other than practicing questions one can also understand the exam pattern, difficulty of the exam, distribution of questions across different topics, and so on, from solving the previous years' question papers. The importance of previous papers cannot be overstated than this. Therefore, one should try and solve as many previous year questions as possible.

But where to find these previous years' question papers? Well, the answer is simple. All the previous years' question papers are available on IIT Kanpur's GATE 2023 website. One can just enter the question paper year and can find the question paper of the required subject that was asked in that particular year. After locating the question paper one can just download the paper and can start solving it. The link for previous years' question papers available on the IIT Kanpur's GATE website is provided below.

Question Banks

Next comes the question banks for the GATE exams. Previous years' question papers can be used only for practicing a topic. No questions will be asked from previous question papers. This is the reason why one should also consider question banks as a source while practicing GATE questions.

Question banks contain a huge number of questions that are regularly updated. These banks contain new questions as well and as such these questions have a higher chance of appearing in the current GATE exam, though the exact values might differ. Because of this, it is important to practice questions from the question bank as well.

But where to find these question banks? There are a number of websites to download these question banks. Some of them are available for free and some are paid. We at APSEd offer question banks for three papers i.e., Civil, Environmental, and Geomatics engineering. Question banks for other papers could be found on the made easy website. Links for question banks for civil, environmental, and geotechnical, that are available with APSEd are provided below.

Questions from Books

Finally, the questions are also available in books for each topic. This is not as important as the above-mentioned sources and one can practice questions from books only after practicing questions from previous years' question papers and question banks. Still, if you intend to practice questions from books, refer to some standard books that are available for a subject and practice questions from them. We had already shared a blog on Best Books for GATE Civil Engineering, do check that.

Test Series

This is a special type of source as it is available only just before the exam. It contains questions in the same GATE exam pattern and is useful for quick revisions. Sometimes it is also as offered as subject-wise tests by various platforms.

We at APSEd offer full-length tests before the GATE exam. It is available in a GATE-like environment. After completion of the exam, it also provides insights and analysis of your performance which could be used for focussing your preparation. Do check out the question paper analysis blogs that are shared below to understand the resemblance between APSEd full-length tests and the actual GATE 2022 paper.

With these, we come to the end of this blog. For any queries do reach us out at


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