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GATE Test Series for Civil Engineering | GATE CE 2022

Exclusive test series for GATE CE 2022: A chance to tackle 700+ NEW questions of GATE Level is OUT now. Along with the GATE CE Test Series 2022, APSEd is releasing GATE CE Solve Series 2022 at a very nominal price. The test series will be as per the latest GATE 2022 syllabus and pattern.

We understand the importance of very similar tests for GATE 2022, and keeping this in eye, our experts have designed all the tests. The tests are not only content-rich but also very affordable comparing all other test series in the market.

We want every student associated with APSEd to get an extra edge. This is the chance for you to improve your scores.

It is not simply yet another test series. We are just not releasing a test to make up for the number and create random questions. We will be asking you questions similar to GATE, new questions which were not seen in GATE before. We will try and encounter you with all sorts of problem scenarios.

What do You Get in GATE CE Test Series 2022?

You get to tackle 700+ Brand NEW Questions, that GATE has never seen before. And we guarantee you all are very similar to GATE Question and Pattern. The test series has validity till the end of the GATE 2022 exam. You can attempt the test anytime before GATE 2022 through our website or APSEd mobile application.

  • 20 Subject Tests (ST)

  • 5 Multi-Subject Tests (MST)

  • 3 Full-Length Tests (FLT)

  • 2 Special GATE Warm-Up Test

  • Report Card for every Test

This time we have launched another Test Series called GATE CE Solve series 2022. This will be an advanced version of GATE CE Test series 2022.

What do You Get in GATE CE Solve Series 2022?

You will get five things in this test series.

  1. GATE CE Test Series 2022

  2. 60 Concept through Questions (CTQs): This will strengthen your question-solving ability, especially the commonly asked GATE questions.

  3. Improve Score Series: This is a unique feature of this series. You will get guidance video to improve your score. There are people who have already completed the syllabus but unable to solve question due to any reasons. This series will be very beneficial to them. Some of the important parts of this series will be, "How to avoid silly mistakes in GATE", "How to use calculator effectively", "How to make best of your GATE preparation", etc.

  4. Must solve Previous Year Questions: These are the questions often asked in GATE. You need to know these questions for sure.

  5. Challenging Tests: This is also a unique feature. There will be 10 challenging tests, which are advanced and thought-provoking in nature. These are tests, where more than 50% go wrong or tend to skip the questions. If you have already covered the GATE Syllabus, then this is a MUST to do thing for you.

Report Card for every test

Tests are a tool in your preparation. For every test, in-depth analysis is MUST. With every APSEd Test, you get a report card.

  • Accuracy Analysis

  • Time Analysis

  • Score Analysis

  • Question-wise Report

  • Leader-board

Accuracy Analysis | APSEd Test Series
Accuracy Analysis | APSEd Test Series
Time and Score Analysis | APSEd Test Series
Time and Score Analysis | APSEd Test Series
Question-wise Analysis | APSEd Test Series
Question-wise Analysis | APSEd Test Series

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Best of luck for GATE 2022!


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