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How to make use of GATE Test Series?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Every GATE aspirant enrols for a test series. It is the NITRO boost to your GATE preparation. But, when and how to make full use of GATE Test Series?

GATE Tests Series: How to make use of it?

Think of test series like a NITRO Boost in your GATE preparation journey. You have to make use of it at the right time in your preparation.

If you are not analysing test series, it is like NITRO wasted.

Test Series is a tool for GATE preparation

Sometimes, we hope that joining a test series will improve our scores dramatically. Tests are tools for preparation and should be used as a study method along with studying concepts and revising them.

Yes, it will help in improving your score.


If you have prepared for only 40% of the syllabus and solved PYQ, the test series will help you boost your preparation level from 40 to 45%

If you have prepared most of the syllabus, 5 to 10% improvement can make a huge difference in your score.

Before we go to on see how to make use of test series,

When to give the test series?

You can give tests when you have completed studying a subject.

Tip: Never leave it too late.

If you are waiting for the perfect time to give test series, it will be too late. Even if you have completed only 80% of the subject, attempt the test.

If you are planning to give all the tests in January and say, you find room for a lot of improvement - then you will miss out on that as there will be just a few days left for the exam.

When to attempt GATE Test Series?

NOW, moving on to the most important aspect...

How does a Test Series help?

It improves your overall performance if you analyse the test series.

  • Exam Mind-set

  • Find out missed topics

  • Application of concepts

  • Awareness to a diverse set of Qs

  • Time Management

  • Improve your accuracy

  • Understand which Qs to skip

  • Strategy for final EXAM

We prepare, we study the subjects - we revise them. But one question lingers in mind, will I be able to solve a similar question in GATE?

Why wait till GATE, find it out much before the exam with the help of test series.

Exam Mind-set

We prepare well; We think we have prepared well. In the exam hall, what is the one thing that changes?

  • You are surrounded by a different atmosphere.

  • You cannot check solutions just after solving a question.

Unfortunately, we are very much used to check the solution just after practising a question. We want to know if what we did was right.

Try to move away from that. Your mind should be able to tell if the process you opted for is right or not. There is a key between solving questions in practice and solving them in a test.

GATE Test Series will help you get used to it.

It helps you get used to the test interface, and the fact that you have to solve a set of questions together before you can check the solution.

Even if you do not have access to good tests, get a good book which will have questions of GATE level. Pick 10Qs randomly - tick them. Now solve them with a timer.

Also, remember this

Use Test series as a tool in your preparation. Test Marks not equal to GATE Marks

Is test series marks equal to GATE marks?

Find out missed topics

The syllabus is huge. Sometimes, we miss out on certain topics. Test Series will help you find out if you have missed a topic.

This can be found out, only if you are analysing the test.

When you find out you have missed a concept completely, do not panic. It is in-fact very good that you figured it out much before the exam. Study that concept and move on to the next prep.

Application of concepts

When you are giving test series, sometimes you get this feeling.

I understand the concept behind the question.


Which formula to use? How to approach this question?

If this happens, remember you have crossed the first stage of understanding the concept. Note down the topic, and practice PYQs + a diverse set of questions in this topic.

This time take a different approach. Spend at least 10 minutes to understanding the question, break down the question into parts. Then start solving it.

Later, focus on reducing the time required to understand the question.

Awareness to a diverse set of Qs

Test series will help you in understanding and applying the concepts to a wide variety of questions which you will not get in PYQs. This will help you tackle new questions in GATE.

With awareness to a diverse set of questions, you can reach a situation in the exam - that when the question is presented to you - you will have the same logic worked out beforehand for most of the questions.

This is what APSEd Test Series and APSEd FREE Open Tests aims to do.

Time Management

Solving a question under a given time is different from solving a question without a timer. Test series helps you in planning how much time to give for each question.

It helps you improve your time management.

Understand which Qs to skip

When you read a question, you should be able to know if you can solve this question or not. Test series will help you in that.

Over time, you will reach a stage where...

You see a question, you know the approach, or you know that you cannot solve it. Use that precious time for solving other questions which you know.

Can one get a top rank in GATE when you skip questions? Yes. You can skip like 10 questions, and still get a top rank in GATE if your accuracy is 95%

Improve your accuracy

If you ask me, just by giving test after test - can I improve my score? The answer is NO.

You can improve your score by improving your accuracy.

Find out what mistakes you are making in the tests. Some common mistakes are

  • Errors in units

  • Silly Mistakes: Calculation errors, or copied wrong value from question

  • Topic Missed

  • Unable to apply the concept

Even if you get a low score - do not worry about it. Go and find out what mistakes you committed. Take action on it. In every next test, you should be able to improve on your accuracy by avoiding these mistakes.

Mistakes to improve accuracy in GATE Test Series

Strategy for final EXAM

Set a strategy for a final exam when attempting test series. Everyone has their own strategy.

Some attempt 2 marks first

Some check their solutions just after the question

Some pick random questions and attempt them

Find out which strategy suits you.

Test series will help you find out which strategy works best for you.

Improve your prep level with GATE Test Series

Start implementing the aspects we discussed. Even if you are attempting fewer tests, as long as you analyse them, you are the one at an advantage.

How to make use of GATE Test Series to improve your prep level?

What is that one question which is bothering you? Comment and APSEd will help you with it.

All the best for GATE!



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