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GATE Rank Predictor 2022

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

APSEd Rank Predictor 2022 is available now for predicting your GATE Rank. This predictor can be used for GATE Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, and Geomatics engineering Stream.

GATE 2022 Response Sheets are out! and so is APSEd GATE Rank Predictor. Estimate your score and rank here

Why Rank Predictor?

APSEd's GATE 2022 rank predictor is to help you

  • To find your estimated rank in GATE 2022 CE, ES, and GE

  • To get an idea of the colleges they are likely to get admission in based on their ranks

  • To get a rough idea of the PSUs they are likely to get in based on their ranks

How to Use the Rank Predictor

Step 2: On the homepage itself you will get the hyperlink saying "Responses of Candidates are available". Click on the link, which will redirect you to the candidature page.

Step 3: Enter your Enrollment ID or registered e-mail ID and the password. You will get your response sheet.

Step 4: Compare your response sheet with answer keys available from different places

Step 5: Yes, you are all set. Now fill out the below form. We will revert back with your expected rank ASAP.

Time for you to open the GATE Rank Predictor.

Special Announcement!

  • The top 5 students of APSEd, which include all our subscribers will be rewarded hugely on the basis of GATE 2021 results.

  • Other than this, all the GATE top 1000 rankers are eligible to get the APSEd interview course for FREE.

Note: A special surprise reward is waiting for the students who get a top 100 AIR.

For any sort of queries, just hit us an email at


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