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GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering Question Paper and Answer Key

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

APSEd brings you the official question paper and answer key for the recently concluded GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering paper [GATE GE]. This GATE 2022 GE paper was conducted by IIT Kharagpur in one session, and we have released the answer key for the same.

GATE 2022 GE Answer Key
GATE 2022 GE Answer Key

Overall the paper was in line with the expectation, and is from easy-moderate level. You can find the overall analysis of the GATE 2022 GE paper here.

GATE 2022 question paper and response sheet is released by GATE IIT Kharagpur.

GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering Questions

The paper had more theoretical questions, which was expected in line with GE syllabus and sample paper released by IIT KGP. Some of the questions that were asked in GATE 2022 Geomatics are

  • Which error can be corrected by DGPS

  • In GIS, reclassification means

  • Order of Electromagnetic Spectrum wavelength increasing order

  • Finding number of images - photogrammetry

  • Thermal infrared images

  • Principle of surveying, Bowditch Relationship

  • Question on Tacheometry

  • Most Probable Value, and other statistical questions

GATE 2022 Geomatics Answer Key PDF

GA came for 15 marks and Section A which is the common Geomatics Engineering syllabus, in this 36 questions are asked for 55 marks. Engineering Maths, Remote Sensing, GNSS and GIS are the subjects in this section.

Either section of Part B (Section I or Section II) consists of 19 questions carrying a total of 30 marks: 8 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 8 marks) and 11 questions carrying 2-marks each (subtotal 22 marks).

APSEd brings you the official question paper and official answer key for GA, Compulsory Syllabus, and Optional Syllabus Section I

GATE 2022 GE Question Paper and Answer Key

Geomatics 2022 Question Paper IIT KGP
Download PDF • 1.32MB
GATE GE 2022 Official Answer Key
Download PDF • 434KB

GATE 2022 Geomatics Engineering Rank Predictor

Now, it is time for you to download your response sheet from GATE IIT KGP Official website and cross-check with the answer key.

Once you do that, open the GATE Rank Predictor.

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