GATE Test Series for Civil Engineering | GATE CE 2021

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Exclusive test series for GATE CE 2021: A chance to tackle 600+ NEW questions of GATE Level. The test series will be as per the latest GATE 2021 syllabus and pattern including Multiple Select Questions.

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Improve your score with APSEd Tests

We want every student associated with APSEd to get an extra edge. This is the chance for you to improve your scores.

It is not simply yet another test series. We are just not releasing a test to make up for the number and create random questions.

We will be asking you questions similar to GATE, new questions which were not seen in GATE before. We will try and encounter you with all sort of problem scenarios.

What do you get in test series?

You get to tackle 600+ NEW Questions,

  • 20 Subject Tests (ST)

  • 5 Multi-Subject Tests (MST)

  • 3 Full-Length Tests (FLT)

  • Report Card for every Test

You can attempt the test both in laptop and in-app. Download APSEd app here.

Report Card for every test

Tests are a tool in your preparation. For every test, in-depth analysis is MUST. With every APSEd Test, you get a report card.

  • Accuracy Analysis

  • Time Analysis

  • Score Analysis

  • Question-wise Report

  • Leaderboard

Accuracy Analysis | APSEd Test Series

Time and Score Analysis | APSEd Test Series

Question-wise Analysis | APSEd Test Series

MUST Take Test Series for GATE Civil Engineering

If you are a GATE aspirant, this is a must take test series. This is your chance to improve your GATE score.

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Best of luck for GATE 2021!