What should I prefer, MTech from IIT or to join a PSU?

Confused whether to join MTech in IIT or to join a PSU ? Check comparison by APSEd based on experiences of people on either sides.

Everyone has this question at some point in their mind when preparing for exams.

It comes in like a pop us message in web browsers! Do not dismiss it; It is better to know what to expect, so that you know what you are going to get out of getting a top rank.

We at APSEd, collected experiences from people on either sides and arrived at this comparison. P.S. Directly, skip to the comparison in the image below, if you want a quick answer!

It is in fact, quite unfortunate that both for Masters and getting into PSUs is being decided by the same exam, which leads us to this comparison. Both are poles apart!

  • PSUs, we are talking about a government job. You do not need specialised skills of Masters here; A bachelor's degree is the minimum qualification.

  • Masters is about something specific. You are going to learn something very specific. The desire to learn is a must.

It depends on what you want - whether you need a safe and steady job or you want to learn and get exposed to a few more things before you land up on a job. It is purely an individual choice. But, it is important to know what we want out of a top rank in GATE, so that one can focus his/her full energy on GATE preparation once the end path is clear. Since it is being decided by the same exam, our minds cannot escape that thought. We at APSEd, compared it on important aspects of salary, work, growth and opportunities. This is a collated experience from people who are in PSUs and who did Masters in IIT.

PSU vs M.Tech in IIT : A Comparison

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