Opportunities for GATE Geomatics Engineering (GE)

It has been a year since the GATE Geomatics paper was launched. Ever since there are new offers coming up based on the GATE Geomatics paper. If you love remote sensing, and geographical data and want to pursue it as a career, this could open doors for you.

Did you know ISRO deals with a lot of geomatics! They have set up an institute called the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS). It is the key institute for geospatial technology and remote sensing.

Opportunities After GATE GE
Opportunities After GATE GE

We will see the following sections

  • Syllabus and Previous Year's Paper

  • The difference made by GATE GE

  • GATE GE as secondary paper

  • Opportunities after GATE GE

  • Expert Insights on GATE GE

  • GATE GE courses at APSEd

GATE Geomatics Syllabus and Previous Year Paper

The syllabus for GATE GE is purely based on geomatics-related topics ranging from remote sensing to surveying and photogrammetry. Given below is a glimpse of the syllabus of the GATE GE paper.

GATE GE Syllabus
GATE GE Syllabus

The GATE GE paper consists of the following sub-divisions.

  • General Aptitude: 15 marks

  • Engineering Maths, Remote Sensing, GNSS & GIS: 55 marks

  • Part B: 30 marks

Part B - you have to attempt only one section out of the following

  • Maps, Land Surveying, Aerial Photogrammetry

  • Data Quantisation & processing, Digital Image Processing, Radiometric & geometric corrections, Image enhancement, transformation, segmentation & classification.

There are questions that a Civil Engineering student can quickly answer with the knowledge of surveying and subjects like remote sensing, and photogrammetry. This is definitely a plus for Civil Engineering students and they can start concentrating on the rest of the subjects.

Download Previous Year's GATE Geomatics Engineering Paper

The Difference made by GATE GE

Earlier, if you had to pursue geomatics-related studies / remote sensing-related studies - the option was to write papers like Civil Engineering / Engineering Sciences & so on. In these, you had to study subjects that are irrelevant to geomatics and remote sensing. Imagine, you want to be in the geomatics field, but you have to study subjects like structures to get into it. This makes it difficult for a geomatics enthusiast to get a good score in these other papers.

But now, you have a paper purely based on geomatics-related subjects. If you really like it, you will have a fair chance at GATE now.

Why attempt GATE Environmental Science paper?

Who can give GATE GE as a secondary paper?

With the introduction of two features i.e., can attempt the GATE exam from the third year, and can attempt two papers in the same year, the GATE exam has become more accessible for the aspirants. Therefore, one can attempt GATE GE as a secondary paper. Students who are writing Civil Engineering as a primary paper can attempt Geomatics Engineering as a second paper.

Other than the GATE CE paper, the following papers are eligible as primary papers for giving GATE GE as a secondary paper.

  • Agricultural Engineering (AG)

  • Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)

  • Environmental Science & Engineering (ES)

  • Geology and Geophysics (GG)

  • Mathematics (MA)

  • Mining Engineering (MN)

  • Physics (PH)

Opportunities After GATE Geomatics Engineering

MTech Offers with GATE GE

Geomatics has opportunities both in the research field and a good number of opportunities in the private sector side as well. Therefore, one can either go in to research field or could take a job, both of which are easily offered after the completion of the course. Given below is a list of institutes offering PG in various programs through the GATE GE paper.

Note these points before you read further

  • IITs, NITs & other institutes which were already accepting students through GATE scores are more likely to take students through GATE GE as well. M.Tech courses like Geomatics, Geoinformatics, and Remote Sensing have more chances

  • Institutes like IIRS which had their own admission procedure - we will have to wait & see if they will accept students through GATE GE as well.

  • You can also use this score in institutes & places that just ask for GATE Score

List of institutes offering M.Tech in Geomatics / Remote Sensing

  • IIRS, Dehradun

  • IITs [IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, etc]

  • IIST, Trivandrum

  • ISM, Dhanbad

  • Delhi Technological University

  • Guru Jambheshwar University Institute of Science & Technology, Hisar

  • IRS, Anna University, Chennai

  • Faculty of Geomatics and Space Applications, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

  • VTU, Regional Center, KSRSAC Bangalore

  • Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics, Pune

  • Centre for Environment, Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad

  • Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra

  • NITs [NIT Surathkal, NIT Allahabad, NIT Warangal, NIT Bhopal, etc]

Shared below is a snap of institutes along with the courses offered by them based on the GATE GE paper.