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Should I focus on PSU or M.Tech after GATE?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Getting into a Masters Degree and getting into a job (through PSUs) after GATE are two completely different paths.

Unfortunately, both these separate paths are decided by the same exam, which leads us to this comparison. They are poles apart, and since the same exam is deciding it, our minds cannot escape this thought.

If you are talking about a private job, that is yet another career path.

MTech or PSU?

Everyone has this question at some point in their mind during their GATE preparation.

It comes in like a pop-up message in web browsers! Do not dismiss it

Quick Comparision between M.Tech and PSU

PSUs, we are talking about a government job. You do not need specialised skills of Masters here. A bachelor's degree is the minimum qualification.

Once you land on a job in PSUs, the perks are attractive.

  • You feel settled and start earning immediately.

  • The growth in PSUs are linear, and the job can get monotonous

Masters is about something specific. You are going to learn something very specific. The desire to learn is a must.

After Masters, although there is uncertainty, it opens you to opportunities like

  • Teaching

  • Research

  • Private jobs

Depending on the university you are in, you will have to put in some work to grab further opportunities.

M.Tech vs PSU after GATE

I agree that it is difficult to figure out 'WHAT DO I WANT'

Plus the fact that what we want sometimes keep fluctuating

Try to ask yourself the following questions

  1. If you were to choose freely irrespective of what people around you tell, what would you do?

  2. How are you planning to manage financial aspects, and other personal constraints if any

  3. Do you have the desire to learn something specific?

  4. What type of work would you like to do? Managerial or Technical

  5. Do you want to settle with a fixed thing right away or explore a few opportunities before that?

The solution to your questions lies in these answers.

How to get the answers to these questions?

If you are unable to decide on some, you can talk to your seniors, family friends or experts in these fields to get the answer you are seeking.

These are difficult questions, but it is essential to think actively about these so you don't waste your daily time which you can invest in preparation and other personal growth activities.

You need to actively think rather than just passively let these thoughts take up your mind space daily.

Once this is cleared out, we will not be wasting energy by thinking about it daily.

Understand your behaviour, your weakness, your strengths and you can build a successful career and personality.

PS: Do not limit yourself to these two options. There are a few more opportunities after GATE apart from MTech and PSU.

What is your option after GATE? M.Tech or PSU?



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