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List of top GATE Civil Engineering Books | APSEd

Which are the best books to understand Civil Engineering better ?

Should I go for books or preparation material when preparing for GATE ? Confused ?


Every year new type of questions are asked in GATE & other exams.

To have an extra edge, and score more marks - little more effort is required after studying from conventional material.


This will require you to understand the concept in detail, and those new questions will not like a tough question anymore.

We achieve this through our courses


They help you understand the concepts in detail as well solve numerical questions.

We have compiled a list of reference books for Civil Engineering from our experience reading a variety of books.

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Strength of Materials (SOM) 

1. Mechanics of Materials by James M. Gere

2. Mechanics of Materials by  Beer and Johnston

3. Strength of Materials by SS Bhavikatti

Fluid Mechanics​​

1. Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications by John Cimbala and Yunus Cengel

2. Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by  Philip J. Pritchard

3. Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics by Modi and Seth 

Open Channel Flow

1. Flow in Open Channels by K. Subramanya

Engineering Hydrology

1. Applied Hydrology by Ven Te Chow

2. Engineering Hydrology by K. Subramanya

Irrigation Engineering

1. Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by SK Garg 

2. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering by Peter Waller and Muluneh Yitayew​

Water Supply Engineering​

1. Water Supply Engineering by SK Garg

Waste Water Engineering

1. Waste Water Engineering by Metcalf and Eddy

2. Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering by SK Garg

3. Wastewater Engineering by B. C. Punmia

Soil Mechanics

1. Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics by A. S. R. Rao  & Gopal Ranjan

2. Soil Mechanics by A. Aysen

3. Soil Mechanics by Braja M. Das

Transportation Engineering

1. Fundamentals of Traffic Flow by Adolf D. May

2. Highway Engineering by Khanna and Justo

3. Railway Engineering by S. C. Saxena


1. Surveying by B. C. Punmia

2. Engineering Surveying by W. Schofield 

Design of Steel Structures

1. Design of Steel Structures by SS Bhavikatti

2. Design of Steel Structures by S. K. Duggal

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