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Strain Energy | Overview and

Formula Derivation

Strain Energy Formula Derivation

Strain Energy is defined as the internal work done to deform a body by the action of externally applied forces

Let’s say we have an axially loaded bar on which load is applied gradually which increases from 0 to P and due to this load the length of the bar increases by ΔL.

The external work done by the applied load will be given as:
External work = Avg load X Displacement

External work done

Why are we interested in this strain energy?

Elastic body has a  property - it can store this energy when some external force is applied  and this energy can be recovered when this external force is removed - so this energy becomes usable to us

Strain Energy Formula Derivation

If we assume that there is no energy loss or in other words if this is a perfectly elastic body then we can say this external work  done is equal to internal work done. For a perfectly elastic material,

  • External work done = Internal work done


​According to the definition, internal work done is the strain energy stored.


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Derivation of strain energy
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