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How to avoid distraction ? | GATE Preparation

Mind keeps wandering when studying ? We ran a POLL and found that most of the students are facing the problem of concentrating and feeling distracted.

What is your biggest obstacle while studying ?

It is quite possible that during your GATE preparation, even though you want to focus, your mind keeps wandering. 


There are a few small changes you can bring in to your studying, so that you can focus better. You do not have to drastically change your studying techniques.

  • Find a study spot where you are least distracted. You should get at least 30 minutes without someone calling you or you checking your phone.

  • There are peak times for studying. It could be morning or very late in the night. Read the tough topics during your peak time. Manage your time

  • Study in small chunks of 30–40 minutes. After 30 minutes, reward yourself with a small break. Then another 30 minutes!


  • Make a study plan, which is flexible. Some topics take more time than what you would have estimated.

How to avoid distraction ?

Find out your distractions, list down them and try to eliminate them one by one.


You want to see a cricket match or a show ? Plan beforehand when you are going to see it. Fix a time, I will start seeing from 9pm to 10pm or just this particular match / show. It is not a distraction as long as you plan for it beforehand. 

You can also try to turn it into something positive (Like if you complete all the planned things for the day, you can reward yourself by seeing the match. It is a win win situation).

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