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Time Management for GATE Preparation

Effective time management is a key aspect of GATE preparation. Are you creating daily lists? It is one of the best ways to manage your time effectively.


Effective time management is important for GATE preparation whether you are taking GATE coaching or self preparing


I always created daily lists which helped a lot in my preparation and it is a proven way to manage your time effectively. 

List down tasks in order of importance. I generally segregate my tasks into priority tasks (must-do) and if time if left I take up the additional tasks. 

Once you start to finish the tasks written in your daily to do list, you will gain the confidence and you will also know how much you can finish in a day. For example, a task can be to finish a certain topic, practice 10 questions of a subject or revise a particular topic and so on. 

Don't give yourself difficult daily-to-do lists. Initially, start with easy daily-to-do and reward yourself with small breaks after you accomplish them.

How much time to allocate per day?

Find out how much time you can allocate per day for dedicated studying.  

Working professionals/ College Students: Try to allocate some time in the morning when your mind is fresh, and the rest of the time in the evening. Get your maximum out of weekends. Even if you get 3-4 hours of focussed time per day, you can crack GATE with dedicated preparation. 

Offline Coaching: Revise back the things you learnt in your class, dedicate time for the same. 

Preparation from home: Dedicate a certain amount of time per day, may be 5-7 hours. Some people study for 12-16 hours a day. It is not necessary to replicate them. 

  • When you study, study with full concentration and avoid distraction.

  • You can plan out effective focus study of 1-2 hours without a break.

  • Make sure there are not much outside disturbances and have all the material readily available at your desk.

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