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Origin and Destintation Study | Traffic Engineering

Origin and Destination Study - Desire Lines

Origin and Destination Study (OD Study) is to determine the travel pattern of an area/city. It makes use of desire lines of varying thicknesses. 

O stands from Origin (where you start the travel from) and D stands for destination (where the travel ends). If you starting from home, and reach your office - Home is your origin and Office is your destination.

OD Study and Desire Lines

OD study is to determine the travel pattern of an area/city. We can find out the origin (start point of travel) and destination (end point of travel) for each person in the city. This will help in analysis of the travel pattern observed in the city.The travel pattern is determined by ​desire lines ​which shows us the number of people going from one origin to another destination in the form of lines with varying thickness. If 200 people go from origin A to destination B, and 100 people go from origin A from destination C => AB is represented by a thicker line than AC and so on

Where we do use Origin - Destination Study ?

From OD study, we can understand the travel pattern of the city. Obviously, the thicker the line, more people are travelling along that particular corridor - probably the metro can be planned along that route and attract a lot of people 

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