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Say Hello, new logo! The start of many new things in 2022

Say Helloo! to our new logo. It feels so good to rejuvenate ourselves, doesn't it?. Similarly, we take this chance to rejuvenate ourselves by launching our new logo and to symbolise the start of many new exciting things to come in 2022 at APSEd.

APSEd Logo
APSEd Logo

As we all know, change is inevitable and it is something to be embraced. We have re-designed our logo to perfectly fit in as a minimalist logo and to symbolise the start of many new things in the same exciting way as before.

Looking Back at 2021

While looking forward to 2022, it is still important to look at the journey so far. Therefore, we now look back at APSEd 2021 in numbers.

🥇 33+ Rankers in Top 100 GATE

🏆 100k+ students benefited from APSEd Blog

🎯 4.5/5 Rating in Google PlayStore

Thank you for all the support, and a special thank you to all the students who showed their love for us.

Brace yourselves! for more exciting things to come in 2022.

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In the coming year, you’ll witness all visuals around APSEd aligning around this new direction. But, never forget that it’s still the same APSEd, with the same team which is bringing out highly structured and precise content. We’re still APSEd with more consistency and, with more instant recognisability.

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1 Comment

Tanay Ahir
Tanay Ahir
Feb 03, 2022

New logo looks Awesome 💯

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