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Marks required to get a top 100 rank in GATE Civil Engineering 2023

Every GATE aspirant has this motive to score good marks to come under AIR 100 in GATE Civil Engineering. Most of the aspirants have this question i.e., "How many marks is a good mark?". No matter whether you are attempting GATE this year or you are preparing for GATE 2023, this is an important question, knowing which could have lots of benefits during your GATE preparation as well as during the exam. In this post, we are precisely trying to answer the question so read further to get cleared of all your doubts.

This blog has been broken down into the following sub-topics.

  • Why should we know how much to score?

  • Previous year GATE marks vs GATE rank?

  • Marks required to get a top 100 rank in GATE

  • How many questions can we skip and still get a top 100 rank in GATE?

Why should we know how much marks to score in GATE?

  • It eases your preparation - as you know your target marks it becomes easy to sort out high-weightage subjects and prepare them thoroughly. Know the weightage of subjects in GATE civil engineering here

  • It makes you feel relaxed while attending the exam - if you are aware that you can skip some 10 questions, you can relaxedly skip time-consuming questions and attempt the next easy ones

Be aware that this is just a guide, and not like "okay I have to score only 75 marks to get AIR 100". Because there are several uncertainties in the GATE exam and the same are listed below.

  • If the exam is easy, you might have to attempt more questions.

  • If the exam is difficult, you can afford to skip one or two more questions.

GATE marks vs GATE rank for Civil Engineering

Going by the previous year GATE marks vs rank statistics, we can see that the range of marks to get a top 100 rank in GATE varies from 75+ marks to 80+ marks. And this figure is almost consistent for the past 5 years.

Marks required to get a top 100 rank in GATE 2022

From the above data, it is clear that a mark in the range of 75 to 85 will help you to get the desired AIR 100 rank in GATE 2022.

Aim for 75+ marks to get a top rank

How many questions can we skip and still get a top 100 rank in GATE?

The key to learning is to focus on improving your accuracy. You should be able to believe in what you are solving. This accuracy can be achieved by practising free all India mock tests at APSEd or free mock tests at the IIT Kharagpur website.

Provided that you have improved your accuracy to 95% and you want to score 75+ marks, you can actually skip 13 questions.

Attempt 52 questions at 95% accuracy to get 75+ marks

Refer to the below-attached vlog on the same topic.

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