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COAP 2021 | M.Tech. Admissions to IITs through GATE

Common Offer Application Portal (COAP) provides a common platform for the registered candidates to make the most preferred choice for admission into an M.Tech. Programme in the participating Institutes or job offer from participating Public Sector Units (PSU’s). The coordinating Institute of COAP 2021 is IIT Delhi.

For admission into the M.Tech program in any of the participating institutes or applying for a job in any participating PSU, every candidate should also apply to the corresponding Institute/ PSU.

Eligibility For COAP 2021

These two are the fundamental requirements to participate in COAP 2021.

  1. To participate in COAP the candidate must be an Indian national.

  2. The candidate must have a valid GATE(GATE 2021/2020/2019) scorecard.

Participating Institutes

The registered candidates can access the admission/job offers by registering at COAP from all the participating institutes / PSU’s where they have applied for M.Tech admissions/jobs.

In 2020, twenty-one institutes((IISc, IIT Bhilai, IIT BHU, IIT Bbs, IITB, IITD, IIT Goa, IITG, IITH, IITI, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, IIT Jodhpur, IITK, IITKgp, IITM, IIT Mandi, IIT Palakkad, IITP, IITR, IIT Ropar, IIT Tirupati) and a PSU NPCIL came together and participated in COAP for filling their M.Tech. seats or job vacancies.

In COAP 2021 all these institutes are participating along with IIT Jammu. But, there is no PSU on the list this time.

How to Register for COAP 2021?

Registration in COAP portal for admission into M. Tech. program is open now. Register here.

To register at COAP 2021, A candidate must have the following data i) Name, ii) GATE Registration number(s), iii) Valid GATE score(s), iv) Date of birth, v) Email ID, vi) Mobile number.

Only those candidates who have qualified in GATE 2021/2020/2019 and wish to apply for M.Tech. admission in any of the participating institutes/job offers in PSUs are eligible to register at COAP 2021.

After successful completion of registration at COAP, a candidate will be able to access information on offers made by the participating institutes. Offers will be uploaded by the participating Institutes / PSU’s at COAP and will be tagged with the COAP registration number.

The important points to look into while registering for COAP 2021 are:

  1. Registration will only be successful when a candidate completes the log-in procedure with the help of the input received via Email / SMS. The email will contain the website URL for logging-in along with the log-in ID. SMS will contain the password.

  2. Candidates are advised to enter all the valid GATE scores (GATE 2021, GATE 2020, GATE 2019) if any while filling the application.

  3. Candidates need to click on the SUBMIT button to complete the registration process. The application process to COAP 2021 is complete only after clicking the "SUBMIT" button at the first time login to the candidate's login account.

Got confused with so much text? Just have a look at the flow chart, this is how the registration process goes like.

Smooth, Ain't It?

What to Do after Registration? Guidelines for COAP 2021

Participating Institutes/PSU's upload their offers (seats/ jobs) during some prefixed dates and the registered candidates can choose any one of the available offers, during each round of offers. A candidate can select a maximum of one offer out of all available offers in each round. Candidates will have the following THREE options in each main round.

Accept and Freeze

This option should be selected if a candidate is willing to accept one of the available offers and does not like to be considered for upgrading to higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of admission.

Candidates selecting this option WILL NOT be considered in the subsequent round(s) of admission in any of the participating academic Institutes and PSUs.

After clicking the 'Accept and Freeze' option, the candidate should click the submit button to confirm the submission of his/her decision. Subsequently, the candidate should visit the respective Academic Institute's Admission Portal or PSU's Job Portal and follow the procedure as per the instructions on the respective website.

Retain and Wait

This option should be selected if a candidate indicates his/her partial acceptance to any one of the available offers and also would like to be considered for upgrading to the candidate's higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of offers.

A candidate can choose “Retain and Wait” on the same offer (same institute and same program) only twice. Nevertheless, the candidate will be considered for other higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s)

Reject and Wait

This option should be selected if the candidate is not willing to accept any of the offer(s) of admission/job in the current round. Nevertheless, the candidate will be considered for other higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of admission offered in any participating academic Institutes and PSUs.

In the Decisive round of offers (last round of main rounds and all additional rounds), registered candidates will be provided with only two options of "Accept and Freeze" or "Reject".

The working flowchart for registration of COAP 2021 and log-in is shown in the first flow chart. The corresponding action flow chart for the main round of offers is shown in the below flowchart and the decisive round in the next one.

Action Flow Chart 1 (Excluding the decisive rounds)

Action Flow Chart 2 (For decisive round offers)

Important Dates

The tentative schedule of the main rounds offers is as follow:

Round 5 is a Decisive Round, therefore the candidates will have only 'Accept and Freeze' and 'Reject' options to select.

Candidates may have to follow spot rounds either online or offline and it could be specific to the institutes. Depending on the vacancy status and admission date, there could be a few more extra rounds from the participating institutes.

Important Links

Download the COAP 2021 Information Brochure and go through it to understand everything in a detailed manner.

Kindly send your query in detail along with your GATE and COAP Registration No. for attending the same. Email id:


Is it necessary for a candidate to register at COAP?

Yes. All participating institutes will seek COAP registration number on their M.Tech. applications portal for admissions. Candidates who have applied for admission into an M.Tech. Programme in any of the participating academic institutes will receive admission offers via COAP only. To access and make a decision on the most preferred choice out of the offers (if any) made by participating Institute(s), each candidate should register and visit COAP. Without registering at COAP, the candidate will not be able to access the offers on COAP.

I have registered on the COAP portal in 2019 and/or 2020. Do I have to register again?

Yes, you have to register again. COAP 2019/ 2020 registration is not valid for COAP 2021.

Can I apply for M.Tech / Job to participating Institutes / PSUs through COAP?

No. COAP is not an M.Tech. Admission / Job Application Portal. Every candidate should apply separately to respective Institute(s) for M.Tech. Admission / PSU’s for jobs.

I am an IIT Graduating / Graduated student. Can I register at this Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP)?

Case I: Candidates graduating/graduated from IITs who have a valid GATE score (2021 and/or 2020 and/or 2019) and intend to apply for the Admission in the participating Institutes, then the candidate should register at COAP with their valid GATE score(s).

Case II: Candidates graduating/ graduated from IITs with B.Tech. Degree and having CGPA (cumulative grade point average) of 8.0 (on a scale of 10) and above can directly apply to the respective Institutes for M.Tech. Admission. They should not register at COAP.

I am a Foreign National with a valid qualified GATE score. Can I register at COAP?

No. Candidates of Foreign Nationality need not register at COAP.

What inputs are necessary during COAP registration?

During COAP registration, the candidate should provide valid GATE registration details (as entered in the GATE application form), GATE scores, Mobile Number and Email ID.

I have two or three valid GATE scorecards of GATE 2021, GATE 2020 and GATE 2019 for two or three different papers. Can I use all the scores?

You will register only once. Subsequently, when you login to COAP for the first time, you will provide all three/two GATE scores (different papers) in one registration form. For example: if you have GATE Scores for EC and CS papers, then you can register with any one of the GATE paper score (EC or CS). And include the remaining GATE paper score when you login to COAP for the first time. If you have multiple GATE Scores for one EC paper, then you can register with any one of the GATE paper score (GATE 2019 or 2020 or 2021), preferably with the highest GATE score. Subsequently include the remaining GATE scores when you login COAP for the first time.

Can a candidate select multiple offers from different participating institutes? OR can a candidate accept multiple admission offers from a participating institute?

No. A candidate can select only one offer out of available offers. All other offers (if any) will be considered as rejected in the existing round.

Is there any chance for me to move up in my preference and what am I supposed to do for that?

The candidates who choose "Accept and Freeze" in a particular round of offers, will not be considered for higher preferences in the subsequent round of offers. In order to be considered for higher preferences, the option like 'Retain and Wait' may be selected at the COAP. However, getting an offer for higher preference in subsequent rounds will be based on the availability of vacancies and merit list.

Can I view COAP offer details without registering at COAP and using my own M.Tech. Application ID?

No. For viewing and making the decision on available admission offer(s) from the participating Institute(s), candidates will have to register at COAP. M.Tech. application IDs can be different at different Institutes but you will have only one COAP registration number. Moreover, COAP registration number is a mandatory field in the M.Tech application process of the participating institutes.

Best of luck with admissions!


Badrinath Illur
Badrinath Illur
Mar 28, 2021

Where do I get final cutoff's of IITS?

Apr 09, 2021
Replying to

Check out our latest blog, we have published all the cut offs at one place. @


Mar 26, 2021

Sir, if someone gets a PSU in a round but couldn't make it in interview, then does he have the option of getting IITs?

Apr 09, 2021
Replying to

When interviews are there, we have to see how the round progresses. But rarely PSUs take part in COAP.

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