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GATE 2023 Paper Combinations

GATE 2023 allows candidates to take two GATE exams in the same year. There are certain combinations of papers according to which one could take two exams. This blog will explain in detail the paper combinations available for the GATE 2023 exam.

GATE 2023 Paper Combinations
GATE 2023 Paper Combinations

GATE 2023 In General

Before getting into details of paper combinations, let us see some general information about the GATE 2023. The GATE exam is conducted by IITs. Each year different IITs take up the role of conducting the exam. Conducting the exam comprises everything from the initial announcement to the release of the GATE scorecard. GATE 2023 is being conducted by IIT Kanpur. For more details check out GATE 2023 IIT Kanpur: Exam Dates, Pattern, Eligibility, Exam Papers & Paper Combinations blog.

IIT Kanpur has announced important dates for the GATE 2023 exam. The exam dates are announced as 4th, 5th, 11th, & 12th February. For more details check out GATE 2023 Official Notification | Important Dates for GATE 2023 blog.

GATE 2023 Eligibility Criteria

A candidate who is currently studying in the 3rd or higher years of any undergraduate degree program OR has already completed any government-approved degree program in

Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Science / Commerce / Arts is eligible for appearing in the GATE 2023 exam.

One important disclaimer here is, that GATE is not an admission-ensuring examination. Qualifying in the GATE examination does not guarantee admission/scholarship. Admission to any institute is fully dependent on the admitting institute's criteria for educational qualification. Similarly, a GATE qualification does not assure a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) job, as it depends on the recruitment procedure of the concerned PSU.

GATE 2023 Exam Pattern

GATE exam will be conducted as an ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT) in specific exam centers only. The online examination papers will contain some questions,

(i) Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type, where only one option out of four options is correct.

(ii) Multiple Select Question (MSQ) type, where one or more than one option out of four options is/are correct,

(iii) Numerical Answers Type (NAT) where the answer must be keyed in by the candidate using a virtual keypad.

One more thing to note is, that no calculators will be allowed, instead, the candidates can use an on-screen virtual calculator provided for the examination.

GATE 2023 Papers Available

The GATE 2023 exam contains the following papers.

  • Aerospace Engineering (AE)

  • Agricultural Engineering (AG)

  • Architecture and Planning (AR)

  • Biomedical Engineering (BM)

  • Biotechnology (BT)

  • Civil Engineering (CE)

  • Chemical Engineering (CH)

  • Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)

  • Chemistry (CY)

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)

  • Electrical Engineering (EE)

  • Environmental Science and Engineering (ES)

  • Ecology and Evolution (EY)

  • Geomatics Engineering (GE)

  • Geology and Geophysics (GG)

  • Instrumentation Engineering (IN)

  • Mathematics (MA)

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)

  • Mining Engineering (MN)

  • Metallurgical Engineering (MT)

  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM)

  • Petroleum Engineering (PE)

  • Physics (PH)

  • Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)

  • Statistics (ST)

  • Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)

  • Engineering Sciences (XE)

  • Humanities & Social Sciences (XH)

  • Life Sciences (XL)

Now that we know some basic knowledge about GATE 2023 and the papers available, let us now see about combinations of papers that are available for aspirants.

GATE 2023 Paper Combinations

The paper combinations are grouped as primary papers and a list of secondary papers that could be taken as the second paper. Each primary paper can have one or more GATE papers as a secondary paper. The table given below shows the secondary papers that are available for primary papers.

GATE 2023 Paper Combinations
GATE 2023 Paper Combinations

For instance, if a candidate chooses civil engineering paper as the primary paper, he/she can choose any one paper from AE, AG, AR, ES, GE, NM, or XE papers. Similarly, for all other primary papers, any one of the secondary papers can be chosen.

Do note that due to unforeseen circumstances, any paper combinations might be removed from the above table. Also, candidates may be allocated to a different exam center but within the same city for taking the second paper. Now that we know bout paper combinations we will now see a bit about preparation for GATE 2023.

Self Preparation for GATE 2023

Self-study requires self-motivation and an appropriate strategy to prepare for the exam. Self-motivation is an internal factor and it solely depends on the individual. Preparation strategy on the other hand can be generalized for all. There are three key factors to be considered for self-study which are listed as follows.

  1. Resources

  2. Time

  3. Plan

We had explained a lot about this in the GATE 2023 Self Study | A Complete Strategy for Self Preparation blog, do check that out. We also published blogs on preparation strategies and sources for GATE 2023, all of which are listed below.

With a great determination for preparation from your side comes great offers from our APSEd side. We are excited to announce that we are offering a massive 55% offer on our GATE courses. For more details check out the APSEd website.

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