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MTech Admission in IITs | Link to IITs' Admission Portal

No doubt, IITs are the premier institutes of the country. So, the competition to get a seat in the institute is so strong. Here in this blog, I will tell you about the MTech admission portals for the IITs.

Common Offer Application Portal (COAP) provides a common platform for the GATE Qualified candidates to make the most preferred choice for admission into an M.Tech. Programme in the participating Institutes. The coordinating Institute of COAP 2021 is IIT Delhi.

Remember, for admission into the M.Tech program in any of the participating institutes, every candidate should also apply to the corresponding Institute.

I already have published a blog on 'COAP 2021 | M.Tech. Admissions to IITs through GATE' some days ago. Just go through it, it has all you need to know about COAP and MTech admission in IITs through GATE 2021 Score.

MTech Admission Portals for the IITs

The portals are published on the respective IIT's official website. But, to make it simpler and easily accessible I am putting it in one place.

IIT MTech Admission Portal
IIT MTech Admission Portal

You can download the file here to get a better view of the same.

Admission Portals of IITs by APSEd
Download PDF • 63KB

Disclaimer: Kindly cross-check with the official websites for the latest dates & schedule.

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All the very best for your admission. In case of any queries, you can drop a comment on the blog.



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