Marks required to get a top 100 rank in GATE Civil Engineering

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Every GATE aspirant has this question - How much you need to score to get a top 100 rank in GATE Civil Engineering.

  • How many marks?

  • How many questions can I skip?

If you know exactly how much to score, your mind will be at peace and can help free up a lot of mind space during your GATE preparation.

Unfortunately most of the times, the students get this answer: Well, it depends.

It is, in fact, true, there is some uncertainty in every GATE paper, and a lot of factors come into play which is why no one can give you a perfect answer.

  • Competitiveness for the paper

  • Difficulty Level of the paper

But, the good news is we have studied the past year statistics and we can in fact establish the range.

I will break down what you need to know, and how to free up this thought of how much to score.

  • Why should we know how much to score?

  • Previous year GATE marks vs GATE rank?

  • Marks required to get a top 100 rank in GATE

  • How many questions can we skip and still get a top 100 rank in GATE

Why should we know how much marks to score in GATE?

I. During your preparation

If you know, by scoring 60 marks you cannot get a top 100 rank in GATE - you will not be skipping topics during your preparation.

By this time, everyone knows the subject-wise weightage for GATE Civil. It almost remains the same every year. After knowing that, in a subject like Maths you can score like 13 marks - you just cannot ignore topics like Calculus or so on.

This sort of analysis helped me when I gave GATE. While I was preparing, I found steel structures extremely difficult - especially plate girders and such topics.

I knew from subjectwise weightage, steel is not asked much. I did study the bolt and welding part, IS code facts so that I can answer that 1 on 2 questions they ask. I already skipped a probable question in GATE, but just 1. It saved a lot of time and mind space in my preparation to prepare for the rest of the 98 marks.

II. During exam

During your exam, if you know that you can skip 10 questions and still get a top 100 rank in GATE, it makes you feel relaxed. You will not be wasting time in solving questions which are taking more than 5 minutes to solve.

You should use it as a guide, and not like okay I have to score exactly 75 marks.

  • If the exam is easy, you might have to attempt more questions.

  • If the exam is difficult, you can afford to skip one or two more questions.

GATE marks vs GATE rank for Civil Engineering

Going by the previous year GATE marks vs rank statistics, we can see that the range of marks to get a top 100 rank in GATE varies from 75+ marks to 80+ marks.

This is the score of 100th rank in GATE for the years 2017-2020. I have left out the decimal places, use this as an indicator.

  • GATE 2017 - 100th rank - 75 marks

  • GATE 2018 - 100th rank - 80 marks

  • GATE 2019 - 100th rank - 78 marks

  • GATE 2020 - 100th rank - 81 marks

Marks required to get a top 100 rank in GATE 2021