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GATE 2022 Civil Engineering Answer Key [Forenoon & Afternoon Sessions]

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

APSEd brings you the official question paper and answer key for the recently concluded GATE 2022 Civil Engineering paper [GATE CE]. This GATE CE paper was conducted in 2 sessions, and we have released the answer key for both sessions - forenoon and afternoon This year, GATE was conducted by IIT Kharagpur and an estimated total of 1,00,000+ aspirants were expected to appear for the paper.

Download the official GATE 2022 Civil Engineering question paper here and answer key

GATE 2022 CE Answer Key
GATE 2022 CE Answer Key

The paper was of moderate difficulty. You can find the overall analysis of the GATE 2022 CE paper here.

GATE 2022 question paper and response sheet is released by GATE IIT Kharagpur.

You can download the forenoon answer key here and afternoon answer key here

GATE 2022 Civil Engineering Questions

Both the forenoon and afternoon papers were more of concepts. The numerical part was lengthier especially in the afternoon session.

  • We stressed more on MSQs in our FLTs with 6Qs in each FLT, as this was a newly added question type from GATE 2021. This time, close to 7 MSQs were asked in both papers compared to the 1 question asked in 2021

  • Students who additionally got the lengthy questions, and MSQs correct will have a high chance for top rank, as other subjects' questions can be solved by anyone.

The major topics covered by the question paper are:

  • Environmental carried the most weightage in paper 1 and Geotech carried the most weightage in paper 2 out of the CE subjects.

  • Construction technology and management had 4-5 questions similar to last time, so this subject is gaining some importance unlike pre-2021 papers

  • Aptitude has the usual 15 marks, and engineering maths 12-13 marks.

Some of the questions that were asked in GATE 2022 Civil are

  • The bearing of a survey line is N31°17’W. Find its azimuth from the north.

  • The hoop stress of a thin cylindrical shell is 30N/mm2. Find the max shear stress.

  • Cycle time = 100 sec, Red time, Amber time per phase is 50 and 4 seconds respectively. Clearance loss = 2 sec. Find the effective green time.

  • The vehicle count obtained every 10 minutes interval traffic volume in peak hour is given (table given). Find the peak hour factor (PHF) for 10 min intervals.

  • In the context of the elastic theory of reinforced concrete, the modular ratio is defined as the ratio of

  • Length of runway at sea level is 1,500m. What will be the length of runway at place 300m above mean sea level

  • For a traffic stream, V is the space mean speed, k is the density, q is the flow, Vf is free-flow speed and kj is the jam density. Speed decreases linearly with the flow, then which is correct?

GATE 2022 Civil Engineering Answer Key PDF

APSEd brings you the official question paper and official answer key here

There were a total of 10 aptitude questions and 55 questions from the Civil Engineering syllabus.

The paper had a wide variety of questions from different subjects, you can find the Civil Engineering 2022 paper subject weightage here

GATE 2022 CE Forenoon Session Question Paper and Answer Key

GATE 2022 Civil Set 1 Question Paper
Download PDF • 1.46MB
APSEd GATE 2022 Civil Set I Answer Key
Download PDF • 2.50MB

GATE 2022 CE Afternoon Session Question Paper and Answer Key

GATE 2022 Civil Set 2 Question Paper
Download PDF • 1.58MB
APSEd GATE 2022 Civil Set 2 Answer Key
Download PDF • 2.57MB

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GATE 2022 Civil Engineering Rank Predictor

Now, it is time for you to download your response sheet from GATE IITB Official website and cross-check with the answer key.

Once you do that, open the GATE Rank Predictor.

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  • Top 5 students of APSEd, which include all our subscribers will be rewarded hugely on the basis of GATE 2021 results.

  • Other than this, all the GATE top 1000 rankers are eligible to get the APSEd interview course for FREE.

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