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GATE ES 2022 Syllabus and Paper Combinations

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

GATE 2022 Environmental Science and Engineering (GATE CE) syllabus is the same as it was in GATE 2021 ES. The major difference is in GATE 2021, there were not many options to attempt a secondary paper with GATE CE. But, this time in GATE 2022 there are 3 papers that can be taken along GATE ES 2022.

In this blog, we will see two major things about GATE ES 2022.

Yesterday, on the 31st of July, IIT Kharagpur, the organizing institute of GATE 2022 released the final notification for GATE 2022. GATE 2022 is going to start from 05th February 2022 and it has a four days schedule (Both Forenoon and Afternoon) - 05th, 06th, 12th and 13th of February 2022.

Here is the final notification.

Download PDF • 4.15MB

Syllabus of GATE Environmental Science and Engineering 2022 (GATE ES)

Let us understand the various sections of the GATE ES paper.

  • Apart from the General Aptitude (GA) section that carries 15 marks, the question paper consists of two parts: Engineering Mathematics (13 marks) and Technical part.

  • The technical part has 8 broad sections - Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Microbiology, Water Resources and Environmental Hydraulics, Water & Wastewater Treatment and Management, Air and Noise Pollution, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Global and Regional Environmental Issues, and Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.

Let us know it better with a flowchart!

The syllabus is taken from the official notification.

GATE ES 2022 Syllabus
Download PDF • 147KB

This time there is no change in question pattern or the syllabus of GATE ES to that of GATE ES 2021.

Paper Combination

Unlike GATE 2021, GATE 2022 has a great number of paper combinations. Earlier in GATE 2021, there were not many paper combinations, for which candidates had to appear only for one paper. But, this time, you will have more options to choose your papers.

Candidates opting to appear in TWO subject papers must have a primary choice of paper as their default choice. The second choice of paper has to be chosen from the allowed combinations given here.

Keeping GATE ES as your primary paper, you can attempt 3 secondary papers- Civil Engineering (CE), Geomatics Engineering (GE), and Agricultural Engineering (AG).

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That's all for this one, hope I passed the information well. Do well, keep safe, and all the very best for everything you do!


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