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Last Moment Tips for GATE 2021!

GATE 2021 is at the doorstep and you all are pretty prepared for the same. The tips and strategies to take the GATE Exam are as important as technical preparation.

The last-minute tips help you to reduce the negative marks, so maximize your score. It also keeps you on track of your exam preparation.

GATE Last Moment Tips

Needless to say, you all very much aware of the exact test timing, schedule and venue and your admit card is handy as well.

The organising institute of GATE 2021; IIT Bombay has also released a four minutes video on Exam Day Activities. If you have not yet watched it, I request you to spend some time here and get familiar with the exam activities.

7 Last-Minute Tips for GATE 2021

Most of us have the tendency to forget things, get scared and show abnormalities when the exam comes near.

Studying something new in the last-minute is a big NO unless it is really crucial and you can manage it.

  • Eat healthily, sleep nicely and concentrate on the needful. You have invested so much of you and your time for this phase. Don't let the illness even slightly affect your strategy and target.

  • Nothing new to take in, you have studied a lot, it's time to overlook them. Sometimes, you will feel like forgetting the things, just ignore the feeling.

  • Note this in mind, YOU HAVE TO SKIP QUESTIONS, there is no wrong in doing this. Finally, you have to reduce the negative marks to achieve your target. The motto should be "Attempting maximum questions with minimum negative marks".

  • Revise the important formulas and solve some selective questions which you have marked as important. Remember GATE always checks your aptitude and problem solving skill, but not your memory.

  • Strengthen the concept, you have the utmost confidence in. Overlook the concept in which you have a minimum catch. I always suggest you, do not ignore a full subject.

  • It is an important time for you and your career, so stress levels must be kept zero. Don’t let negative energy rush in. Keep yourself energetic, positive and motivated. Always believe in your self and the hard work you have put in.

  • By the time you have attempted n-number of mock tests, full-length tests and subjectwise tests. Learn from your mistakes and implement that in GATE 2021.

Dos and Don'ts before the D-day

  • Get ready with your admit card. Have a very good knowledge about your exam centre. If possible, check out your centre a day before. You will save a lot of time by doing this and the chances of getting lost on the exam day will be nil.

  • Eat proper, sleep sound and be stress free. This is when your brain will function at its best and you can recollect the things much faster.

  • Keep your exam kit ready one day before the exam. The exam kit includes your admit card and the photo ID proof; that you mentioned during the application form submission.

  • Do not carry calculator, mobile phones or any sort of electronic gadget to the ecam hall. These are strictly prohibited.

  • Start early from home, so that you will reach in advance at the exam centre. It reduces all the last moment jitters. Give special attention to COVID checks, this year the exam centre may have special covid checks, thermal checks, etc. So, reach exam center much prior.

  • After entering the examination hall check the seating arrangement properly.

  • Keep a note that, you will be allowed inside the exam hall just 35 minutes before the exam starts and will be allowed to leave after the exam is completed and not before. If you reach after 09:30 AM in the forenoon session and after 2:30 PM in the afternoon session, you will be restricted to enter the exam hall.

In our very first episode of APSEd talks, we invited GATE 2014 AIR 85 Mr Prasanth V, who is currently working at IOCL. His out of the box thoughts, strategy and last minutes preparation tricks will surely spread some motivation across.

Ending it with this.

Keep your body, mind and emotions prepared for the exam day. We always are with you, in case of any queries feel free to contact us, the comment box is all yours!

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