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M.Tech Cutoff Through GATE Environmental Science in IITs and NITs

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

APSEd brings you expected cutoff details for MTech admission through GATE Environmental Science and Engineering paper. GATE ES is a new GATE paper, through which you can get MTech opportunities in IITs & NITs.

There are several IITs for instance IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee etc. and several NITs like NIT Trichy, NIT Surathkal etc. Each of these colleges offers different courses based on Environmental science like MTech in environmental engineering, Mtech in Hydraulics and water resource etc. Explore the required cutoff

MTech Cutoffs in IITs, NITs through GATE ES
MTech Cutoffs in IITs, NITs through GATE ES

Eligibility for MTech Admission

Candidates who scored more than the respective category cutoff are eligible for GATE Counselling and admission to MTech/ ME/PhD courses at top/renowned colleges like IISC, IITs, NITs, IIITs, IIITs, IIEST and other GFTIs. All these institutes decide their own cutoff based on various deciding factors for admission.

The organising institute issues the GATE Scorecard only to these candidates who score either equal to or more than the cutoff marks.

Want to know more about IIT MTech Admission. Get to know all about the admission procedures here.

Many of the IITs don't make the previous years' cutoff public through their websites. There are a few like IISC Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, etc. that publish the previous year's cutoff through the official website.

Branches Available For GATE Environmental Science

There are several branches available after successfully qualifying in GATE 2022 environmental science. Several institutes offer different courses based on environmental engineering. Below listed are some of the evergreen courses to pursue after the GATE environmental science.

1. MTech in Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is a very popular discipline of engineering that deals with issues related to the environment. Environmental engineering deals with finding out sustainable ways for development. It also includes studying the effects of technological growth on the environment such as the effects of global warming, pollution, the reason for the shortage of rainfall, acid rain etc. In short, Environmental engineers are constantly engaged in maintaining the health of the earth and the living creatures on it. This is the right pick for sustainability enthusiasts out there!

2. MTech in Chemical Engineering

In this course, advanced topics of chemical engineering with in-depth practical and theoretical aspects of chemical management and extractions are covered. It also deals with petrochemical plants design, design of chemical plants etc. It is purely for the chemists out there!

3. Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering

This branch deals with hydraulics concepts at an advanced level. It also covers important aspects of water resource planning and management. If you are purely interested in water supply systems, dams, reservoirs etc. this is the right pick!

4. MTech in Bioprocess Engineering

It deals with the design and development of equipment and processes for the manufacturing of products such as agriculture, food, feed, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals, and polymers and paper from biological materials & treatment of wastewater. Therefore, this course is for those who would like to work in the food or agriculture field.

Branches offered by IITs and IISc

  • Biotechnology( Mtech in Bioprocess Engg)

  • Civil (Mtech in Environmental Engg)

  • Civil(Mtech Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering)

  • Chemical( Mtech in Chemical Engg)

  • Biotechnology(Mtech in Clinical Engg)

  • Ocean( Mtech in Petroleum Engg)

  • Environment Science & Engg(Mtech in Environmental Engg)

  • Civil (Environmental Engg and Management)

  • Water Engineering and Management

  • Climate Science

PS: This is not an exhaustive list, feel to free explore from individual websites to know more

Expected Cutoffs for IITs and IISc

Now coming to the important part, we will share the expected cutoffs for joining IITs for the branches specified earlier. This is purely based on the previous year data. And as the GATE ES paper was introduced only in 2021, we have previous year cutoffs for a single year alone. Based on this available data we are predicting the expected cutoff and actual cutoffs might differ.

Below provided are the tables showing expected cutoffs for IITs and IISc branch wise, and category wise.

GATE Environmental Science Expected Cutoffs for IITs
GATE Environmental Science Expected Cutoffs for IITs

Expected Cutoffs for NITs

After IITs and IISc, the most preferred choice is NITs, therefore, we will now share the expected cutoffs for joining NITs as well as courses offered by different NITs.

Below provided are the tables showing expected cutoffs for NITs branch wise, and category wise including the eligibility criteria. For an exhaustive and full list, refer to CCMT

GATE Environmental Science Expected Cutoffs for NITs
GATE Environmental Science Expected Cutoffs for NITs

I hope this is enough of the information. I will not clutter the blog more, just ending the blog with a master file that contains all the previous years MTech admission cutoff of IITs ;)

Expected Cutoffs for IITs NITs curated by APSEd for GATE Environmental Science
Download PDF • 114KB

You rocked GATE! Now all the very best for your admission! In case of any confusion/doubt/query, you can comment on the blog.

Disclaimer: We have sourced this information from official websites for which data was officially put up. Expected cutoff and Actual cutoffs might differ year to year and would recommend you to double confirm on the official university websites


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