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GATE 2022 Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering - Syllabus and Sample Paper

Being a new paper, IIT Kharagpur has just released the syllabus & model question paper of GATE Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (GATE NM). The GATE NM has a bit similar syllabus to GATE CE. Here is the syllabus of GATE Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. GATE Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (GATE NM) is one of the two newly added papers in GATE 2022, Geomatics Engineering is the other one.

GATE Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (GATE NM) syllabus matches partially with the GATE CE Syllabus. So it can also be taken as a secondary paper along with GATE CE.

Syllabus of GATE NM

Apart from the General Aptitude (GA) section that carries 15 marks, the question paper consists of two parts: Engineering Mathematics (13 marks) and Technical part (72 marks).

The technical part has 4 sections - Applied Mechanics and Structures, Fluid Mechanics and Marine Hydrodynamics, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Thermodynamics and Marine Engineering.

For the Full Syllabus refer to the below-attached file.

GATE 2022 Naval Architecture Syllabus
Download PDF • 230KB

Who can write GATE NM as the second paper?

Unlike GATE 2021, GATE 2022 has a great number of paper combinations. Earlier in GATE 2021, there were not many paper combinations, for which candidates had to appear only for one paper. But, this time, you will have more options to choose your papers.

Candidates opting to appear in TWO subject papers must have a primary choice of paper as their default choice. The second choice of paper has to be chosen from the allowed combinations given here.

  • Keeping NM as your primary paper, you can attempt for three papers- GATE Civil Engineering (CE), Aerospace Engineering (AE) and Engineering Sciences (XE).

  • If you want to attempt NM as your secondary paper, the primary papers can be- Aerospace Engineering (AE), GATE Civil Engineering (CE), Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Engineering Sciences (XE).

Sample Questions

GATE has also put up a sample question paper(model paper) for the GATE 2022 NM paper. There are questions that can be answered easily by Civil Engineering students like Q7, Q8 and Q9, Q10.

But there are questions that require detailed reading on Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering like the ones below.

Download GATE 2022 NM Model Paper.

Download PDF • 280KB

That's all for this one, hope I passed the information well. Do well, keep safe and all the very best for everything you do!

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TGA 2021
TGA 2021

Great and informative article

GATE Aspirants can also check more details on GATE Test Preparation mentioned in the below link.


Yash Vardhan Ghildiyal
Yash Vardhan Ghildiyal

Dayum, the JEE type subjective questions. They are going all out with the Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, huh.

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